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Lindsay (linzumz) wrote,
@ 2004-04-09 07:51:00
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    Its been about a month since i updated this so called journal. I got bad news and good news... i'll give the bad news first. A couple weeks ago a friend of mine by the name of Jamie, his fiance was in a car accident and she is in the hospital. Then only 2 days ago after coming home from work i found out my aunt and uncle were in a motercycle accident. Luckaly theyt both has their helmets on and there are both still alive. My uncle is still in the hospital it took the worse of it all, i was told he landed right on his head so he is kinda out of it. Didnt know who my mom was when she went to see him and didnt know who he son was either. I pray for both my aunt and uncle and Jamie's fiance that everything will be alright.
    On a upside im still working at hobby lobby. Been kinda stressed out about work here lately. Im department manager of Jewelry and wearables and Pam and Berry ( my two managers) are just getting on my nerves lol. Besides still having my job, I am with someone. His name is Kirk. ::TIME OUT:: I would like to take this time to appologize to a certain someone for getting on their case for dating someone older than them. You know who you are if you are reading this. I use to think it was gross for someone to date someone much older than them, but that has all changed now heh. Guess age really doesnt matter. ok ::TIME IN:: Kirk is 29 and im 20. He is such a sweet heart. We really click and and get along. I'll write more about him at a later date..
    For the most part im alwys busy doing something. Im hardly at home anymore and i hardly ever watch tv. Im always out and about. I did however move up in the world and got a cell phone. How did i ever live without it? lmao. well I need to get ready for work so until the next time... MMCL

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