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Ailin (lini_b) wrote,
@ 2004-05-02 15:48:00
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    i miss the winter
    i miss the winter and its hollow days... you used to be with me day and night, and i was the happiest girl on earth. now, everything has faded away, you are over there, and i am way over here... we are not as bond as we used to, and i cry nonsensely day and night. where did those golden days go? where did all the love u once had for me flee? why is it that we have to be going thru this when u promised u would always love me no matter what?
    i wish he would be more straight with me, but he's not.
    he won't even look at me in the eye, and will fix everything up realeasing an "i love you"
    there is one thing he doesnt understand though, it's not all about love....
    our relationship is full of love, yet something is missing and i cant figure out what it is.
    my friends tell me he is hiding things from me.
    i dont know what to think about this.
    i never thought he would ever let me go, for i believed each one of his words accompanied by a tear.
    i dont understand, no matter how hard i think about it, i cant seem to find an answer to all my inquiries.
    i wish u'd tell me the truth once and for all so that i can let u go and move on with my life, all this time im wasting here as i cry is priceless.
    and u'll pay for it anyway.

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