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Steve (liltripod) wrote,
@ 2005-04-24 06:46:00
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    Current mood: sad
    Current music:Keane *Walnut Tree*

    The Boy's Gone
    The prom entries have been put on an indefinite hold. I can't really do them. Yesterday kind of... stunk. First bad day in a long time. I came home yesterday morning and didn't have my keys to the house. So I was locked out for nearly an hour. It was too bad because it was bright and sunny outside. So ya know, I'm not gonna let something like that bring me down. So yesterday went by... and left. And it became Sunday. I hadn't heard from Steve all day. Sarah, him, and I were supposed to go to H20 last nite. My friends, Janeen, Ronica, and Adrienne were going and we told them on Prom night we were gonna be there too. So they called me and asked me where I was and I told them @ home because I hadn't heard from Steve. So they told me to call them and I didn't want to then only because I figured he'd call me like he usually does. So I called and I think someone picked up but didn't say anything. So I texted him and didn't get anything back. So I dunno what happened last nite. I usually don't put stuff like that in here. I didn't want to. I feel like I'm weak for one and that I kinda get too excited about it. I feel like a kid. I feel naive and childish for being upset. Most of me is weird. Only because I haven't felt this feeling since.... Ricky ditched me on my birthday. No I'm not saying Steve is in any way like Ricky... cause he's not. As a matter fact, Steve really isn't fond of Ricky because he's had friends like that before. I'm kinda worried something happened because Steve wouldnt just ditch me..... I know he has a good reason. So I guess I'mma try and not gonna worry about it. Anyway, now that I've basically showed everyone out there the side of me I hate the most, I'm leaving. I'll probably just sit here and listen to music because I got up "too" early to get ready for work. So I'll come back later when something happens? Later.

    On a sidenote: Check out my user info. I've put my moblog in the space of my website. So you guys can see who I'm talking about and stuff. Hope you enjoy.

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