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Steve (liltripod) wrote,
@ 2005-04-23 18:18:00
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    Current mood: happy

    Before The Prom...
    Well because it was such a long day and I get into detail, I've decided to separate Friday into three parts...before the actual prom, the prom festivities, and after prom. Soooo, here is part 1 of Prom. Enjoy :-)

    The Day After... Prom. lol You thought I was gonna say Tomorrow didn't you? Hah, anyways, let's go back to Friday. Lots of stuff happened. Friday was a pretty much a chill day at school. I only had 3 classes. Seniors got to leave at 12:08 to get ready for prom so I left with Steve. He brought me home. I came home and was hanging round. Tried on my tux that my mom brought home a little after I got home. Fit nicely. Then I finally watched Thursday's The OC and I don't know what happened the last 5 minutes but.... oh shit. And the preview for the next 4 episodes... holy shit. I swear I watched it 10 times and freaked out everytime I watched it. lol Then I started cleaning up my room. Steve called and told me he was coming to pick me up in the Excursion (woooo!) at 430 because we had reservations(that he made that day lol) at 5 at the Goin Nuts Cafe and we could back to his house after afterprom and watch a movie and I could crash there. I didn't start gettin ready til 410ish. Luckily he was late so I had ample time to get everything ready. The multiple cameras, the batteries, clothes for Afterprom and all that good stuff. So right before he came, my mom took pictures and whatever. Steve and his date, Megan, finally got there and we went out to eat.

    Dinner was nice. Although since we were in our tuxedos and dresses(Megan was), everyone was eyeballin us and grinning. Ah, I hate that. We stood out like crazy. But they complimented us so it made it better. Although I stood out a bit more because *whispers* I was the only black person there. lol So moving on, Steve and Megan ordered all fancy soundin stuff so I ordered Fried Shrimp & rice cover in honey. The bill came and apparently there's was like "Burger King most expensive combo meal biggie size (i know what I just said)". And mines was like both of theirs combined together. lol So I was kinda upset about THAT but it was prom night. Mines well it nice huh? And its not like I had a date so it's like I had one... at least for dinner. By this time it was around 615ish. We didn't have to be at Grand Marche until 730 so we had some time to blow. So we round around trying to find Adesuwa's house (she's our friend, but most of our friends went over her house to eat (inlcuding John but that's because he was her date). She didnt invite us because we already had plans which was a big fuss like 2 days earlier). Moving on, so we tried to find her house to see if they were over there. After driving round, we went back to Steve's house because his parents were going to escort us to prom. So they took pictures of Steve and Megan and all (I was even in one ^_^) So we left for Grand Marche at UMES. We finally got there and we had to jump out the car and go in because we had to get in line. And I didn't get my camera ;_; I was upset.

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