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Susie (lilsnoozy) wrote,
@ 2004-09-10 21:24:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:blah dopnt feel like it

    Things Happen too fast!
    It seems by the time I remember to write things down, it all is mushy and I can't possibly write it down in the proper order- meaning it would make no sence to you guys, but it would work for me.... am i making sence?

    Another warning sign: My grammar sucks so if i screw up, tell it it's beautiful and get over it.

    So, another year of school starts... let's just start with the first day:

    1st day of school, reeked of new clothing and girls trying to show off their boobs to the opposite (or same) sex. Me on the other side decided on a spiffy khaki-pink-yellowoutfit becuase I like to be at least halfclothed.

    Ms.Mal of course started the year off by telling the kids that all was new and she was actually going to teach us music (this phase will pass, as it has done so in the past years I've had Ms.Mal as a teacherchoir director. I felt superior to all the "little" 9th graders (PAAH!) I asked a child nicely to please excuse himself from my seat (top row, corner, soprano section of course!) he moved, he looked dazed though.

    2nd period was Mr.Hanson (AWESOME TEACHER I found that out the first day, but even more today!) In his classrooms afterwards though he didn't have much "supervision" over the class, but we're good kids so it's all good. I'm pretty much one of his (fav?) great students who has a natural artistic flair and he very much appreciates that.

    3rd. Wuerster. First day she didn't call my name so me, Melanie, Phil, and Ian were told (roughly I must add!) to go down to the guidence counselor and tell them to get rid of us becuase Mrs.Wuester doesn't like us ... oh, and their were already 33 people in her class. We ended up having to sit on the "shelf" of "cliff" as she called it.

    4th. Math, nice guy, Algebra still sucks, it's easy right now. Umk.

    5th. Lunch, first day there must be forgotten becuase Jenn freaked out and made me cry when I got home and it was all very stupid (wish she wouldn't make me feel so bad though :-( )

    6th. Linquist!!! Swears all the time I can tell I'm really gonna like him! I do already! What a sense of humor! Woooooeeee.

    7th. Gym. Enoguh said. We ahve to run for 5 min. everyday.Boo. gym sucks, but I love to run around like an idiot in a yellow (or purple) penny. Good times.

    8th. Merinar AWESOME ALSO. Jenn had no idea he was obsessed with politics ( i knew) amd she instantly started up on this religiously republican person that Bush sucks. For the first 20 minutes he talked about Bush to Jenn suing "big words" such as engaged hahaha.
    What annoys me that probably people would care less about? The fact that everything Merinar believes in is frowned against by both Jenn and Anna. They don't really process what he says about things, they just say he's out of his mind. For instance, today he spooke of when people think about september 11th, Bush is in relation and they think of him. Jenn and Anna arguered with him that was a horrible thought and it is a day of remembrance for the people that died during sept. 11th. Merinar was right in saying the relation was there but Jenn and Anna were closed minded and said nope nope nope and Jenn seemed like she got offended by it. I also dissagree about what Anna said about the way Bush handled the situation was probably no different then how other presidents would have handed it- including potential presidents? Al Gore would have been a mess becuase he wasn't very desicive.
    God! Listen to me! When did I actually start getting opinions on things? Seriously...

    Everyones at the football games. Another annoyance that I have to write down: When someone tells you they aren't going to a place and they get all mopey about it and defensive and snappy, so you decide not to go becuase they arent. 10 minutes before they would origianlly leave, she orders pizza and her mopey friend calls and asked her if she's going to the game! GAAAAAARRRRRRRR I just feel like giving up sometimes.
    Why keep something aroudn that causes unnesessary stress? Sometimes I just want to scream grow up to her, but I know it will work to no prevail and I wil have only scratched my voice.

    Let me start my I wishes:

    sorry i g2g i;'m gettign mad gain for the first day hahahaha


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