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Lil Shorty (lilshorty) wrote,
@ 2004-09-25 14:35:00
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    Wow, its been over a month! Thats pretty much because there is a lack of things going on, other than class, work, class and work. My roomie Jess is hooked up w/one a Shane's friends Colione, thats good for her I guess, although, he is not seeming to get along to well with some of us.. last night he had about 5 hissy fits with Ashley and he had one with me the other day. We all went to the cattle congress last week and paid 6 bucks (4 for me cuz I said I was under 18) to stand there in the haunted house line for a frieking long-ass time, they cut the line off after us and right when we stepped into the doorway the cops closed it down, so that was a waste. Eric came down to ride his motocross bike a couple weeks ago, I met him up and watched him, then he took me for a ride on it. I went down to see him last Tuesday. I brought Ali with me, just cuz she was gonna chill with her friend Kyle, but it turned out he was busy so she had to hang with us the whole time, lemme tell ya, that was not fun...not at all. And whoever says it takes an hour and 15 mins to get to Cedar Rapids is full of shit! It only took me 35 mins to get there and 35 mins to get back! Anyway, last night Jake came back so me, Shane, Jake, Ashley, Jessie, Colione and Krystal hung out, we went to a kareoke contest and then went galaxy bowling. I also have a new job. Im a sales associate at kohls now in juniors clothing and register. Im pretty happy with that, I get trained every day next week.

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