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Cristy Michelle (lilsecrt77) wrote,
@ 2003-10-30 14:38:00
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    Current mood: curious

    The truth be known....
    I was supposed to register for classes a long time ago, but due in part to being sick, part to being lazy, and part crazy night at Cody's, I just got around to it today. I figured it wouldn't be a problem since most of my classes are upper level. However, none of the classes I want to take are available, so I have to go to each department and get overrides. How fair is it that freshman register before me, and I am junior standing? There's something shady going on here.
    I am watching this show on MTV called One Bad Trip. This chic is spying on her fiancee's bachelor party with the help of MTV. I don't know how I feel about that. I think it is kind of sneaky. I don't know if I would want to do that. I mean yeah, I would want to know if my fiancee was cheating on me, but I guess as long as he wasn't doing anything bad (i.e. no kissing or licking, etc) then I wouldn't care. Boys will be boys.
    Even though I thought Jessica Simpson was a complete idiot after watching The Newlyweds, after seeing her new video, I think I have changed my opinion. yeah she said some things that made her look like a moron, but everyone does that. I think MTV just kind of made her look stupider than she really was. Her new video is so cute, and the fact that she can make fun of herself in front of America really says a lot about her. Her video makes me want to fall in love :)
    Which brings me to "Robert." Yeah, I know, that guy again. He drives me absolutely crazy. Ashley thinks I can do better, but something about him just errr I dunno. When he smiles or wrinkles his nose, I just want to snatch him up and take him away. Todd says maybe he's gay, lol. I could see that, but nah, I can't marry a gay guy. His house had a party at their annex last Saturday that we went to and of course I saw him and we talked and I dunno. I dunno if things will ever happen between us, but as far as I am concerned, he is absolutely perfect. Yeah...he isn't as hot as Heath (wow, it's been awile since we've heard that name). Heath, and as good of a dancer Robert is, I am guessing he can't compare to Heath in that aspect. Heath was my guilty pleasure, my hot dancing partner....mmmm nothing but fond memories there. And I dance with Robb at the party Saturday.... I think he got the wrong idea about us dancing together, and said he felt like he was doing something wrong because that was his two year anniversary with his girlfriend and she wasn't there. I was just dancing with a hot guy, I had no plans to take him to the back and ravish him. I know he has a girlfriend, but I can still think he is beautiful.
    Oh and I saw Chad a few days ago. It was nice. We really did have a good time together when we were together and I hope that we can be friends again. Well I have to get ready for work and clean this room. Ciao.

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