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Cristy Michelle (lilsecrt77) wrote,
@ 2003-10-17 11:37:00
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    Current mood: enthralled

    Out of a blue clear sky.
    Ashley has been super sick. Sicker than me, in fact. So last night she was up most of the night, which caused me to be up as well because I was worried about her. Of course this caused me to look oh so lovely this morning. I'm sitting in Cornell doing some accounting homework, well attempting to, but I keep zoning out. As I am sitting there, staring off into space, two people come into my field of vision. One waves and it doesnt register, so he waves again. And then again, finally I focus on him and realize who it is. Robb. (not to be confused with "Robert", who I am currently upset with.) Robb is this guy who I used to be in AKPsi (which is a horrible organization that I don't suggest anyone to join) with. He is absolutely gorgeous. I see him on occasion and we exchange hellos, and chitchat, and that is usually the end of it. From what I remembered last year, he had a girlfriend. I don't give him much thought. Seeing him this morning reminded me of an incident that happened at the football game where MU kicked Nebraska's ass. His block of seating is right below ours, so when he would walk up and past us, I would see him. However, game day is a little different than usual where he walks by we hug and say hi and he continues on his way. This time he grabs me, squeezes me and kisses me. Whoa....Talk about an adrenaline rush. Not a big kiss just a little one. So maybe I will go out with him tonight... I dunno, probably not. He's absolutely gorgeous, and smart and has a great personality...but I like to have a 14 year old girl crush on him. It's kind of nice and relaxing. Well time to get to Stat class.

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