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[*--P r I s--*] (lilpris) wrote,
@ 2005-07-26 23:04:00
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    Current mood: crushed
    Current music:kenny kwan <3` - 先知

    went to alices house again today =] lol her house is my third home now ! haha ^^ anyway walked back to her house and prepared to send someone's present off onto the aeroplane =P hehe and alice sent a copy of her poster to my email and her email and then saved it onto her floppy incase she couldnt open at the library lol! soso we walked to rockdale post office but then after we chose the box and everything alice remebered she didnt bring the address...

    so we had to walk back to her house to get the address!! and then walk to post office again in the wind! lol it was like pushing us from behind and forcing us to walk faster haha how hilarious =D anyway finally arrived at the post office! and lined up to pay... then omgosh! ^^ while we were writing the address on the box... there was this mother and she had two little girls with her (presumably her daughters...) and they were so adorable! they must have been in kindy because they were soo tiny! they barely came up to my waist ^^ so anyway one of them was standing behing me and one was behind her mum...

    then out of nowhere i feel something bump into my leg...but i ignored it lol then it happened again ><" and i turned around... and i couldnt see anything! so i looked down and this adooorable little girl was staring at me! omg so cuteee! and then i started laughing and she smiled soooooo sweetly at me! and then i saw the other one looking and i started smiling at her too and she smiled and me and then hid behind her mummy again! OMG i had the funnest time smiling at them hahahahaha but like omg so cute!

    okay after that me and alice walked to rockdale library to print off out posters onto A3 paper... and while we waited for the computer we read the guiness world records... or however you spell it! and we were shocked by the tallness of the tallest man in the world! 2.72m!! like waaaahh twice my height! lol hahah nearly... then umm sat around for a bit more and printed our posters off... then walked back to alices house. after lazing around for a while i called my dad to pick me up... except my mum came? but anyway came home and i havent done any homework today! how lazy of me

    what should i do anyway?

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