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[*--P r I s--*] (lilpris) wrote,
@ 2005-08-14 13:00:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:Twins - 救生圈

    CAMP LALALA ~ =]
    even though it was two days ago =] hehe ^^ ages since i blogged here~

    thursday 11th august

    woke up at 6 !! and it was so cold and i was so tired and it was so not good!!...but anyway when i got to school everyone was lining up for the buses already so i didnt have to wait much... got on BUS 3 and sat with alice =P so everyone was all settled in and then eunice started going crazy taking photos haha so typical!

    Image hosted by

    then we watched phantom of the opera and the music is really nice except some people didnt like it and kept on complaining the whole way and it was kind of really annoying because i was trying to watch it but then it didnt matter anyway because i fell asleep ^o^ then when i woke up it we arrived at suttons forest and it was freezing cold!! i swear my legs were going to stop functioning xP ahah me and alice were having such a hard time trying to walk over the bridge lololol so we got there and i watched everyone eat maccas and then it was time to go again!!

    so got back on bus and watched the rest of phantom of the opera.. and i stayed awake this time but anyway ^^... first stop parliament house !! boooring and omgsh i saw john howard =P stupid man swivelling on his chair in the house of reps xP haha and amy said his pants were too short for him.. LOL then we got free muesli bars and just juice ! ... and everyone went to eat lunch while we went crazy taking photos again!!

    Image hosted by

    okaay got back on the bus and went to electoral education center [old parliament house] and we had to do everything we did in year 6! and i was falling asleep =P then we had to vote for fruits and i voted MR APPLE!! =D except many people chose peach so apple was second... gay peach people! but it was boring anyway =P... then we went to Gold Creek Tourist Resort or something like that... =P and it was so cold! and i realized that we went to same one i went to in year 6! like.. omg memories =P we went in and everyone unpacked...

    Image hosted by
    and we realized how much junk food we had!! [we didnt finish them either xP]

    Image hosted by

    then some people took showers/changed and got ready for dinner.. except it wasnt edible so i was very hungry... so we went back to our room and sat/stood around until it was time for ZONE 3

    Image hosted by
    OMGSH it was soooo fun ^^ and i came 5th out of 17 people =P and there was DDR! like omgshomgsh!! hahah me and eunice were fully hiiiigghhh and we played twice and it was soso fun that we didnt want to leave ^^ lol..

    Image hosted by
    but we had to anyway. SO we went back and played MAFIA and DONKEY and BIG 2 and SNAP and CHINESE WHISPERS!! haha omg so funny!!

    Image hosted by

    then at around 12 - 1 ish we went to sleep and i think i fell asleep really soon because i didnt know what happened =P..because apparently they were all talking =S but anyway! i was snoring away xP haha no i dont snore ><" haha oh! and i kicked eunice in the middle of the night... except we were on different beds xP!! haha so i dont know how that happened either.. BUT HAHA i kicked her! 0_x

    friday 12th august

    woke up at 6!! without the help of the alram clock =D and took a shower because my hair was sticking up in all directions ^^ lol and then everyone started waking up and after then started packing =(... ooh and amy realized she lost her camera at night!!.. but more about that later

    Image hosted by

    went to breakfast which was much better than dinner and after eating me and alice went back outside because it was so stuffy inside and waited to get on the bus... when we get on amy hound her camera!! and she was tres happy because she was very worried all night long ^^ then we took photos again!! and we took another bus photo like last time except this time we have many different people xP

    Image hosted by

    went to national museum and watched that circa thing and then wondered around aimlessly for ages!! eunice belind and i went outside and then being the posers we are took photos again xP hahahaha eunice is such a poser xP

    Image hosted by

    went to the war memorial and eunice and me... went crazy taking photos again... haha except theyre in jenny;s camera.. but omg! it was soooo funny =P and we were fully high! because we were imitating the poses of the umm statues? xP hahahah and we were all sooo sleepy and tired but we had to stay for 2 hours which was gay...

    finally got back on the bus and left at 3:30... bus people decided to watch HITCH excpet i slept again =S haha... and when i woke up... we were at suttons forest already!.. again haha and this time i ate a deli choice thai chicken..and small fries and i was very full and i told myself not to sleep or else i would be fully fat.. so when we went back on the bus i watched the end on hitch and the beginning of mean girls... and then not long after we were at school again ^^

    and camp has ended already =P haha so soon ><"...

    okaay yesterday was a good day as well ^^ woke up very early for tutoring..! and the english teacher is very good... and nice ^^ then umm yes! had maths in the afternoon.. and after maths.. hehe ^^ i felt majorly happy!! =D haha im so weird... then! went home and showered and went to gordon for dinner !! at ribs and rumps =P and it was nice except i couldnt eat because i was famining and my aunty was trying to persuade me to eat =P but i didnt xP hahahah and vanessa was just eating away next to me =.= haha then umm went to her house and watched tv and waited for my dad to finish fixing her computer.. then left at around 12 ish ^^ but it was fun =P

    Image hosted by

    was so tired when i came home.. but then talked for ages with kylie =P but anyway!! haha super long post ><"

    I ran up the door, closed the stairs, said my pyjamas and put on my prayers. Turned off the bed and hopped into the light, all because you kissed me goodnight ~ lol how cute

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