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LittleKittyPants (lilkittypants) wrote,
@ 2004-05-09 02:13:00
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    Current mood: nostalgic
    Current music:Paul Simon- Obvious Child

    Penguin Bandits

    Sorry about the no updatage lately... i've just been busy/stoned and it's hard to catch up on your journal when you haven't written in forever.

    Anyway, i'm working on finals which sucks but at least i feel productive about something for once. i'm still finding it hard to concentrate on one thing and focus, but it's getting a little better. Wish me luck!

    TGIS was fabulous. my sister came up and partied with me which was awesome... i love when we have those sisterly bonding moments.

    FOr his protection i will not use his name but we'll just say its a certain penguin lol marianna always feel the need to steal things from random places, this year we helped a penguin escape from its cruel owner while we wore cowboy hats lol. i drove the get-away car. it was sooooo much fun, i've never forget it and neither will our penguin.

    its too hard to wrap up the school year with a few sentences, so i wont even try. all i'll say is that even though there were truely terrible moments, there were at least as many happy ones. for those i thank all of the people who hung around with me when i needed them the most. whether it was a late night drive to the closed diner, thursday night smokeage, a surprise party, burito-fest 2004, or just a phone call... i wouldn't trade a minute of it or any of you for anything, not even for the biggest pizza in the world lol From the very bottom of my heart, Thank you and I love you.

    Oh wait, i guess i did just summarize the year hehe oh well.

    heres mariannas top events list for the year:

    1.) The nite Afton thought a fridge was an aquarium and the magnets were fish
    2.) Steve chasing Drew with an Eggo box on his hand
    3.) "Drunken" sledding with Afton, "I'm peeing!", and literally running Ali over with the mattress sled
    4.) Brenda accidentally locking herself in the bathroom
    5.) The Halloween sleepover and Amy's "EEEEE!!!" screams
    6.) Stealing Penguino from someone's front lawn
    7.) A horse on wheels
    8.) Andrea's "AND THEN!" and "Do you believe in magic?"
    9.) The Bio Kids drinking in our 10 am physics class
    10.) Dell Day, lounging in random pools, and "What's your last name?"
    11.) Jeff coming to my room at 7 am on a Friday totally drunk
    12.) Our total being $4.20 at Wendy's and A-Z Video
    13.) Every TNS!
    14.) Frankenstein wastes a minute of our time
    15.) meeting Drew

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