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- kiMbErly - (lilduckii) wrote,
@ 2003-09-28 17:30:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:till i collapse - eminem

    la la la =D
    hi hello there. its raining. im bored. but its all good... cus this weekend was great. yesterday... me carly.mai.marissa.val.eric.steve an some gurl kaitlen i think?.. well anyway.. we went to the mall for cArlY melissa`s birthay. an you no who esle was there... ahhhhhh.... no need for a name =D !!. anyway.. we played hide an seek for like two hours cus steve an eric were bein dicks an ran away. it was pretty funny... cus we all split up.. an they kept callen our cells an given us clues. hahahhahaha... mai had us on our hands an knees looken for them. hahahhahaha.. then we finally gave up.. then aMaNdA roSe an cAiT came. hOoT hOoT. so it was just me amanda cait val an mai... cus we lost every one esle. haha... after like another hour.. we all met up decided not to see a movie. so then we just walked aroun for like another 3 hours.. lol. we were in spencers most of the time... tryen on masks... until the people that worked there chased me an mai around with these scary ass chuckie dolls.. then we ran outa the store with the cops chasen us... they almost kicked us out.. lmao.. yeah... soo then we met up with those wierd ass kids we met a while ago.. an they were drunk. man therre scary. lol.. then we went home. me mai an marissa slept at carlys. hahaha... wow...we had a good asss time.. lmao. me an marissa had our smokes.. lmao. we bought those fakes things in got high on them.. HAHA.. yeah.. then we talken to jeremy all nite. whuta loser. an thats all. yeah.. i dont feel like typen no more. lol.. nuthen else happened. but im smilen right now... carly an mai no whut im talken about =D !!!.. ahh.. hes soo adorable. alright.. well ima update later...

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