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- kiMbErly - (lilduckii) wrote,
@ 2003-09-16 16:31:00
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    Current mood: thirsty
    Current music:dancing queen - a*teens [ lol michelle ]

    hey hello there. i dont write in this thingie as much no more. maybe cus i got nuthen to say. well heres whats been goin on.--

    suNdAy : woke up... an finished packen shyt in my house. oo fun. the kitchen at the whole side of that house is COMPETLEY empty. looks soo naked =( . yeah.. i was soooooo bored.. then miCheLLe saved the day. she called an picked me up an we went to - sayreville day - we rode the pOniiEs.. an pet the duCkS... lmao.. it was sooo amazing... even though every one made funa us. then we just hung out with emmanuel an ricky. then we met liZziiE mO !! as soon as she came.. you no whut we did.. EAT-lmao. so we got our pizza an burned kabobs with magiic sauce [ lol ] then we took a walk to stephs. bObBy was there. then michelles mom an called an told her she neeeds to get back.. so we ran all the way back to the high skool--kinda. lol. soo then michelle left.. an me an liz went everywhere to get a friggen drink. we finally got one an sat on the curb an waited for her dad. we talked about diaReHha- [ not shit ..LMfAO ] .. yeah... then we went home.

    mOnDay : urgh.. skool again. went to skool - whut a boring day . today was elections. hOoT hOoT. yeah... nuthen happened in skool. then when i got house was all ripped up.. well my kitchen an shiit. wow... soo meesssyy... an noiisssey... an bLAh - yeah.. an to top it off i had this huge ass headache. great. then i went out for aliddle to get outa this hell house.. then i came home.. an went to bed*

    tOdAy [ tuEsDay ] : whata good day !... today i was in a wayyyy better mood then yesterday. well when i got to skool i found out i won for corresponding secratary--hOoT hOoT-- an steph won too for recording secratart - hOoT hOoT [ lol ] ... yeah.. nuthen really happened in skool.. but it was just a good day. me an steph stayed after skool.. for whut reason who the hell noes.. lol. then i came home.. an once again.. my house was hell. so i went shoppen for aliddle.. an now im sitten here waiten for mandee o. to stop pissen an talken to steph. an thats all for now....

    -- yeah... soo thats basically my life. nuthen exciting. since i dont think anyone reads / comments this baby.. i duno how much longer ima keep this. soo comment me. --shOuTs to lizzie mo.. an her yUmmiiE hOttiiE [ lmao] .. im soo happy for you !!.. ahhhhh.... on other hands.... things dont seem the same for some things. i think amanda noes whut im talken about. but hey thats life. what can you do. hopefully things start goin back to the way they usta......<33 kim

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