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Angela (lildreamergrl) wrote,
@ 2003-02-08 10:30:00
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    Current mood: nauseated

    ~*Better Now*~
    ok so this is what happened in the last couple days first i met Stephanie which was cool she seems to be a really cool girl and i respect her a lot for coming up to me bout the whole tim situation...then we went into his class n stuff it was really funny she said she thinks tim likes me more but i dunno hes a hoe and has been with soo many gurls when i was talken to him when i went to go get my cd he was like were not goin out dont worry bout it dont get jealous i told him i had my right to be a gurl...and i think he agreed im gonna have to take him out to dinner this week i dunno i wish he would straighten out his act kinda so i drove calvin home that day and he gave me sum gas money hehehehe so i got like 4 dollars lol.....i didnt go to work or most of school yeasterday i was majorly sick and it was super gross i think i puked about 10 times and i didnt start to feel better until like 8:30 - 9:00 so today im just resting till i have to go to work ........oh i fergot tim asked me to go home with him this weekend cuz matt wanted me at his party lol silly boy and jess called me to see how i was feelen last night it was sooo super sweet of her!!!!!!! so i think im gonna go rest for the remander of my day until like 5 then i'll take my shower go to work if i dont feel well i'll prolly come home early but i dunno i'll see how im feelen then ....

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