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Cam (lildirtbag) wrote,
@ 2003-11-19 20:31:00
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    Current mood: annoyed

    Same shit different day
    Today was fun. At school the tv went freaky during photo class. It was very amusing. It kept turing off and me, james, and this other kid were laughing. "its haunted" haha. Than later after lunch i was in french class and i thought i was gunna feint, i thought it was just me, all the lights in the class were dimming, and than out of no where the power went out in the whole school. My whole class kinda laughed, and when the teacher was talking she stopped and rolled her eyes, all we heard was kids screaming and yelling in all the classes around us. Than the priciple or something came on the intercome thing and was saying stay in the classes blah blah blah, in a sense, i was mad. It was french class! With madam kayne. She never does anything fun. Ahhh, god i really dont like her. Than in my next class (english) the fire alarm went out, i was hanging out with bradley, serine, jayson, beth, and kuran. They were all laughing at me. I was tryin to be all ghetto. It was great. "halla!" Than when i was getting on my bus, i paniced and grabbed the first seat, screw my friends, haha. They canculled everything, all the sports and clubs and stuff do to tornado warnings and the wind and stuff. The bus behind us was so filled that they were sending kids onto my bus. A bus only seats like 50 and i am so sure we had like 70 or 80 on my bus. The bus driver was panicing saying she cant have this many people on our bus. SHes like flippin out and yelling she can't drive with people standing, than everyone heard her and quickly sat down on the floor and on others laps. She pulled over and than said anyone that has to go to "blah blah road" has to get off and go on the other bus, she even kicked me off and told me the other lady would drop me off at my job, and me and about 20 peoiple walked to the other bus and she said she can't drive anyone because her bus was full, i was like "oh my god" than the one lady said she would come back and pick us up. Hear i am waiting in the courtyard of my school with no minutes left on my cell fone and no ones alloud in the school. All the damn teachers kicked everyone out of the school for saftey reasons. I'm all like "god dammit" that is not safe! What if a tree falls on me! I'm gunna sue their ass! Thank god i ran into my friend casey, she let me use her fone to call in work and let them no i will be late. Than this other bus came and said he could drop me off at work. I was all like "thank god". Aw man, i love my work, almost the whole time me, my one boss Kathy and my other boss' bro Jay(jayson) were talking about drugs and ciggaretts. Haha, good times, good times. Than me and jayson were talking about what type of girls we would go out with and stuff. We both agreed that we had never gone out with a girl that had a tougne ring and we were saying how cool it would be to just see what it would be like.... is ya no what i mean *hint hint*. Uhhh, when i got home i turned on the tv and was watching some gay thing about Britany Spears and clubs or something. I will agree she is mildly hot but there is something about her personality that i don't like. Well, i'm out....later

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