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your face (lilcrimsonrose) wrote,
@ 2003-12-15 23:42:00
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    grrr...people are stupid...
    i'm just pissed right now. maybe i don't have a right to be, maybe i don't. i really don't give a care what anyone thinks.

    so there's disneyland right? holly and i decided to get a suite, because we weren't about to get 2 rooms and take care of it for other people and we figured taht if people wanted to go, they could get another room, and if it was only a few other people, they could stay with us. we figured that we were covered (because this wasn't our idea in the first place, we just really wanted to go), and that if other people could figure out how they were getting there and how they were gonna pay for admission, everything would be ok. holly's mom even offered to pay for the entire suite. of course, i'm not letting her do that, but still. so there was a misunderstanding, or maybe i was just being stupid, so it turns out we have less rides for people than we thought. well, me being the stupid person that i am decided, ok, i want people to go so i'm gonna try to work it out. so when i was asking around, someone im yelled at me "JUST RENT A VAN," well, excuse me, but this person wasn't even part of the plan in the first place. this person was the last one to be invited, and it was just because his gf wanted him to go. second of all, i'm not gonna expect holly's mom to rent a van after doing so much, and i'd help her pay, but i don't think we should have to. we already figured all this other stuff out. and we even said that people have to figure out how they were getting there. it's not even like people are politely asking, "can you please figure out the ride situation for me because i just don't know what to do?" and saying "thank you so much for all you're doing;" people are flat out expecting it and think their top s h i t, and you know what? thats BS!

    sorry if all i'm doing is bitching, but i did not have a good day.

    so i was trying to figure out how to decorate latin for mr. steves and all this crap. trying to make decorations and such (same for my chem class btw). well, caitlin and i have been the only ones trying, the only ones working on it and trying to figure out the decoration situation. people said, "oh that's a nice idea," but they didn't try to bring decorations, or make anything, or made any effort at all, and as much as i wanted to do it, caitlin was right, if no one else is gonna help, well, then there's just no point.

    that's pretty much my day in a nutshell.

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