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Amy (lilcolonel1982) wrote,
@ 2006-02-15 11:55:00
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    Current mood:creative

    OMG okay last nite Matt (cousin) decided to hang a New Orleans flag out the window at 10 pm. How freaking crazy is that ?! Damn crazy if you ask me. My window was open and I was trying (hence the word) trying to watch Boston Legal and all I could hear was cars and cars and fire engines and ambulances and poice cars. That mad me so freaking mad.

    Well, anyway how was everyone's Valentine's ? Mine was okay for the fact tht my boyfriend is a trilion zillion miles away from me. Well, I still have not even gotten his present. I know what it is. Its a cookbook and a card. But he sent it like over a week ago. It the mail in Louisiana is still messed up. So anyway Me Matt and Aunt Anne went out to dinner. We were going to eat at one place which was super crowded I guess because of Valentine's day. Then we tried another restraunt called "Da Pitts" which was freaking packed. Then we just went to have sushi. I defenitely was not in the mood for sushi. So yea anyway we had sushi.See Matt is a vegatarian and it is always a production for anything we eat because he only eats certain foods. Nothing against vegatarians but I think that is super hard because you are changing the way of life. Okay back to me. So after we finished eating dinner we came back home. I washed my hair and made it smell all pretty. Then of course I had to watch American Idol !! Yes, I am a big kid I love reality shows. On Monday I did not see the rest of the Bachelor because I went to bed. So yes, I watched American Idol. Which I love the show even though I think it is retarded at the same time. After American Idol I was watching George Lopez and that is when Matt came in my room to hang the flag. GRRRR !!

    So tonight we are going to have dinner at one of Aunt Anne's co-workers houses. OMG I hope Mike is there. Mike (31 , brown hair, brown eyes, kinda pudgy) he is a cool dude. No I am not going to leave Kerry for Mike. Mike is just nice to look at. He has the most adroabblest (is that a word?) dimples it will make you melt. Defenitely I am not leaving Kerry for Mike. Mike is just NICE too look at when your boyfriend in a zillion miles away. Okay anyway so yes we are going to dinner tonight at the house of Aunt Anne's co-workers. The co worker has a guy my age and Aunt Anne is convinced he is trying to "hook" us up. LMAO . The son is defenitely defenitely defenitely not my type at all. I have my wonderful loving super cool boyfriend. But for eye candy I have Mike here. See its a win win situation. I do not plan on doing anything with Mike because he could be one of those guys that really do not respect women. You know what I mean treat a woman like a piece of meat. I have been there and done that. And there is no way in hell I am going to be used as piece of meat ever again. I know Kerry will never use me or abuse me. Kerry will ask me if something does not feel right or if I do not want to do something because Kerry knows my past. But also I believe any gentelman should not do something a girl does not want to do.

    Well I think that is all I have to say. Just a bunch of rambling of my life.

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