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Amy (lilcolonel1982) wrote,
@ 2006-02-24 11:03:00
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    Lots on my mind
    Okay so much shit has happend in my life these past couple of days I did not even know where to begin so I am just going to dive in and write about it. Please in your respenses do not make any negative comments towards me or my brother or my family. Thank you and it is very much appreciated.

    Let's see the other night I tihink Wednesday my older brother called me and asked if I heard anything about my younger brother. I said No why should I ? And my older brother was like well he got kicked out for testing postivie on a drug test. My younger brother was at boarding school in Conneticut. My younger brother tested postiive on his drug test last semester also but my dad pleaded with the adminstartors at the school that we did not have a house (since the hurricane) and all. The administrators let him go back but since he tested positive again they are done with him. My dad tried telling them that there would be no flights in New Orleans because of Mardi Gras but the school administrators did not want to hear it.
    So I am not really sure what will go on in the future. Whether he wil go to an intensive Drug Re-Hab program or he will just become a bum and work at Burger King.

    A Little history on my younger brother : 17 years old. He is really smart. He takes depression medicine (prozac) and ADHD (Adderall). When he was probably a freshmen in high school he started to hang out with the wrong crowd. I slwoly saw changes in him but my mom and dad were like he is trying to find out who he is. My younger brother is violent. When I say violent I mean I have broken up fights when he held knives to my parents. I have had bruises because when I would break up a fight he would hit me instead of my paretns. Darn hit he would hit me instead of my parents. So like I said he is very violent. When he gets mad or angry about something all hell breaks lose. The cops have been to our house before (old house and new house).

    One time I was not there but my mom and dad told me the story. The cops were called because they were going to bring him to the hospital. I heard he was fighting them. It took 6 police officers and 2 ambulance medics to restrain him. Then the police had to bring him to the hospital emergency room where they did like a bunch of drug testing. And then it was off to the hopstial. Where my dad had to check him in at 2 in the morning.

    There was another incident just this past December right after Christmas. I think our next door neighbors called the police on him because he was on his cell phone and he was really loud curisng and yelling. Obviously he was having a fight with one of his girls. My brother gets really emotional.

    There are more stories I could tell about him but I will not bore you with that. All I am saying is that every time some thing happens to my brother he gets a break. And my brother does not need a break at all.

    I keep telling myself he is on a deadly path on life but that is the life he choses to lead. He will either wind up in jail or dead. Not a nice thought but it is the harsh truth.

    So anyway I am not sure what is going to happen. I talked to my mom last night but not about all of this the only thing I asked her was if she was going home for Mardi Gras. And her response was yes it is my house to and he is not going to keep me away from my husband.
    When my brother was in high school he would have little fits and my mom would just leave go to the movies or to friends houses. ANd I was asking her if she was going home becasue my brother may be there or may not.
    Also on the phone I told my mom that I supported any decidsion that her and my dad make 120 percent.

    So besides all that non-sense. I am doing good. My aunt wants to me to take art lessons, but I am not that creative. Just creative in my own way I guess. She also wants me to get back in dance because she knows I took that for 17 years. I would like to take dance again but I do not have anything here because all my stuff got ruined.

    Anways, well this weekend we are going to New York. Woot Woot !! I will be able to see my older brother before he moves to Seattle on march 1. And my aunt and I are going to the ballet which should be really cool.

    And my aunt is going to be talking to some guy at her work about getting me a job at the attorney generals office. I think it will be cool.

    Phew I wrote a lot !!

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