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Amy (lilcolonel1982) wrote,
@ 2006-02-21 10:30:00
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    My weekend in a nut shell !!
    Wow I have not written in this thing in a long time. Okay so my weekend was okay for almost the fact that my cousin brought a stranger in the house and could have easily raped me or killed me. The guy wanted to use the phone and my cousin oves helping people and all. And Iunderstand it is good to help people but my cousin needs to be a little more cautious I guess. So anyway my aunt got home from New Orleans Sunday night. I was watching the Olympics when she got home. I saw all the Ice Skating falls !! I was like OMG like 3 in a row !! Yesterday my cousin or my aunt did not have work or school because ot was President's day. Its a big Northen holiday. So anyway we went to eat lunch at Applebee's. MmMmMmM good. Well when it came time for the bill my aunt's credit card was being rejected. She had to call the credit card comapny and tell them that this was her. They put a hold on her card because on Sunday she used her card in Louisiana and Monday in Pennslyvania and the credit card company thought it was stoling. Well, last night we also went to the movies. We went to go see Trans-America. It was very diffrent but it was okay I guess. And now I am creating paiting. I am only working on one right now it is called " I live to inspire and dream" I think it will come out cool. This weekend I am going to New York !! Thats all for now I guess.


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