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>^.^< PuSsYCaT (lilc4life) wrote,
@ 2003-10-23 19:25:00
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    Current mood: apathetic

    *Feministic ranting*
    A real man in my fantasy world is a non-homophobic, non-racist, porn despising feminist (yes, a feminist I say!) that appreciates beauty or handsomeness even in other males and will openly compliment a person on those attributes despite their gender, admits when he's wrong, never raises his voice or hand in anger towards anyone, has never used a derogatory term in his life, appreciates all his mother has done for him, opens doors for ladies, offers his assistance when he sees someone in need, does not shy away from those that are not as well off as he is no matter what the situation, befriends those individuals that others might ridicule or ignore (handicapped/mentally-challenged, for instance), has never sexually harassed anyone and/or has stopped others from such harassing, and finally, he does not conform to the gender roles that society has set out for him and encourages others of his gender to follow suit.

    So umm guys, think you're man enough to live up to that? *smirks*

    Yea right! Most guys live in this fantasy world where they think they are brave and independent, huh? Nuh uh, wake the fuck up darlings. Most of ya'll still live in that little box society has forced upon you. I can't say I blame you, you've got all the power and privilege you desire. Whoop dee fucking do! Ya know what, until you start living the life of the male I described above, don't you dare try to tell me you're manly and DON'T you dare try to tell me I'm not brave. I'm a feminist. Feminists have made a lot of change for females in the past and will continue to do so. You're nothing but a puppet for society to play with. You haven't done shit but attempt to ridicule/ignore/possess/oppress those that know what it's like to have true bravery, ie. feminists. When you learn to respect me as a woman and a feminist, I'll start respecting you as a man and an equal.

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