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Alicia (lilbit1) wrote,
@ 2004-05-12 21:25:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:american idol music on tv

    ummm Whoopy
    Last weekend was really fun. I went to jessicas house and stayed the night on friday and reallly didnt do anything the on saterday Angel called and asked if we wanted to do anything, after 3 hours we finally called her back and sayed yes and i had some junk and we went to the store and got some more junk and we had a lot of fun alllll night and morning. Me and Angel Stayed up and watched Porn. lol. that junk is soo corney. Jess passed out at like 12:00 lol. Matt and Jeffue came over but only stayed for like 30 mins they were borin anyways they were pretty much a waste of time. Then Angels mom came home and was yellin and complaining for like hours strate so i was like we need to go. so me jess and angel went to Jessicas house and we made Angel holes in her ear bigger. and i cut my arm and i made more cuts on jessica. i put a JM, her anisials. Then the weekend befor that me jess and arianne went to Isaiahs house and Arianne had a lot of fun with me and jess. i meen a lot. Well this summer i mite be goin to Mass with Jessica itz goin to be crazy. i cant wait. i dont know nobody there but i gotz jess to take kerr of me. lol. Ahhhhh I CANT WAIT TILL THIS SUMMER. he he and i might be gettin my car soon. he heehe he he ehe he OMG its soo awsome. im getin too exited so i g2g lub ya Smooches ~Alicia~ OUT

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