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Missy (lilangeldancer) wrote,
@ 2003-09-21 19:04:00
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    Current mood: exhausted
    Current music:Less than Jake~ The Science of Selling Yourself Short

    omg...i'm soooo friggen seems to be dragging on forever. field hockey isn't really that much fun anymore...i mean we're not really playin like we used to. we lost our last game and now everyone is kinda just like fuck this, me included. i don't know if i wanna play anymore...on the brightside, there's dance with kelly! yay! i'm sooo glad that i have dance this semester...i think i woulda gone nuts if i didn't. i love just being able to get everything out in that class. and i'm so glad that i have ben. also don't know what i would do without him around, even just as a friend. he's just definitely one of those people i can talk to about anything...which is a good thing since i'm fighting with one of the other people that i can talk to about anything. and she's being selfish because she knows i'm right. she just really needs to do something about her and her situation. oh well...i give up on helpin her and *certain* other people. for anyone else who needs someone to talk to or whatever...i'm here for ya!

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