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Munchkin (lil_munchkin) wrote,
@ 2005-04-02 16:54:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:def leppard - animal

    here comes another bordem thing...
    - Current Clothes: pj bottoms, eyore t shirt and hoodie
    - Current Mood: lonly and bored
    - Current Music: def lappard
    - Current Taste: fags
    - Current Make Up: none
    - Current Hair: messy
    - Current Smell: fags
    - Current thing I ought to be doing: tidying up
    - Current Desktop Picture: me, my dad and steven in the desert in egypt
    - Current Favorite Artist: ozzy
    - Current Favorite Group: def leppard
    - Current Book: steven king - green mile
    - Current CD in CD Player: ozzmosis
    - Current tape in VCR: the camera tape
    - Current DVD in DVD Player: eurotrip
    - Current Color Of Toenails: the colour toenails are suppose to be...
    - Current Refreshment: pure orange juice
    - Current Worry: impossible to chose just one

    Last thing:
    - You Touched: the keyboard
    - You Talked to: louis, asking him to get off the computer
    - You Hugged: troy last night
    - You Instant messaged: leanne, about 2 seconds ago
    - You Yelled At: steven earlier for leaving the front door open
    - You Kissed: troy last night

    [ FAV0RiTE .. ]
    - Foods: chicken and mushroom pot noodle
    - Drink: vodka, but anything will do
    - Color: black and white
    - Album: atm its def leppard - vault
    - Shoes: my stripey slippers
    - Candy:duno i dont really eat sweets
    - Animal: herman the camel
    - TV Show: simpsons
    - Song: i dunno... i like lots of songs...
    - Vegetable: brussels
    - Cartoon: cud answer that if i still had sky :(
    - Flower: passion flowers

    [ ARE Y0U .. ]
    - Understanding: i think so
    - Open-minded: i dunoo
    - Arrogant: i duno
    - Insecure: yeh
    - Interesting: apparently
    - Easily Amused: yeh, but also easliy bored
    - Random: not really
    - Hungry: no i just ate a bowl of egg mayo
    - Friendly: to my friends
    - Smart: apparently
    - Moody: sometimes
    - Childish: yeh its fun
    - Independent: i duno
    - Healthy: nop
    - Emotionally Stable: i duno
    - Shy: yeah if im with people who i dont know that are intimmidating me
    - Difficult: i duno
    - Bored Easily: yeh
    - Messy: yeh, but go thru cleaning phases
    - Thirsty: yeh
    - Responsible: if i want to be
    - Obsessed: with some things
    - Angry: at some things
    - Sad: not right now
    - Happy: not right now
    - Hyper: on rare occasions, yes
    - Trusting: only with very special people
    - Talkative: depends on my mood

    HAVE Y0U EVER ..
    - Been kissed? yeh
    - Done Drugs? yeh
    - Eaten an entire box of Oreos? what are oreos?
    - Been on stage? yeh
    - Dumped Someone? yeh
    - Gotten in a car accident? nearly... my mums a bad driver lol
    - Been in love? i dont know

    [ FAV0RiTE .. ]
    -Shampoo: dunno, my mum buys me shitty asda stuff
    -Toothpaste: lol my mums started buying me smokers toothpaste, its alrite.
    -Soap: i duno
    -Room in your house? my room
    -Instrument? i duno

    [ EiTHER/0R .. ]
    - Coffee or hot chocolate? hot chocolate
    - big or little? depends on wot your talking about
    - Lace or satin? satin
    - New or old? depends
    - Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt? neither
    - Vogue or Cosmopolitan? heh?
    - Jeans or cords? Jeans
    - Sweater or sweatshirt? arent they the same thing?
    - T-shirt or tank top? t shirt
    - Skirt or dress? Skirt... but i dont wear either
    - Wool or cotton? cotton
    - Rose or Lily? rose
    - Oldies or pop? oldies
    - Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? yeh
    - Do you have a best friend? yeh

    [ iN THE LAST 24 H0URS, HAVE Y0U .. ]
    - Cried? no
    - Helped someone? yeh i gave someone advice
    - Bought something? yeh, but only fags and bread
    - Gotten sick? no
    - Gone to the movies? no
    - Gone out for dinner? i went to the chip shop yesterday
    - Said "I love you"? yeh
    - Written a real letter? no
    - Moved on? no
    - Talked to an ex? yeh
    - Missed an ex? no
    - Talked to someone you have a crush on? yeh
    - Had a serious talk? yeh
    - Missed someone? yeh
    - Hugged someone? yeh
    - Fought with your parents? yeh
    - Fought with a friend? no

    [ D0 Y0U .. ]
    - Wear eye shadow? no
    - Eat with your mouth open? no
    - What color is your floor/carpet in your room? i hav laminated floor so its light brown... with a black rug
    - What was the last CD you bought? i dont buy cds, i borrow off people and copy lol
    - How did you spend last summer? gettin drunk i belive
    - When's the last time you showered? yesterday after work before i left for troys
    - Are you lonely? yes :(
    - Are you happy? not rite now
    - Are you wearing pajamas? yeh :) my clown trousers
    - Are you talking to someone online? i was, but they dissapered
    - What is your astrological sign? airies

    fuckin ell that was one long...

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