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*''s a good life (lil_gr0upi3) wrote,
@ 2003-08-21 19:02:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:never again - justin timberlake

    -->hit me up baby
    aight so i finally decided to update my mom has off this week so we've been out n about...monday we went to the doctors at 10...i had to get a physical (cuz i was gonna do field hockey) then after that we dropped off film from wildwood now im finally caught up w. film (if u wanna see pics from aaron shows IM me on x lil groupie x ...then we went to 2 pairs of pants...umm yesterday we went to freehold a outfit from pac sunwear...and i saw the shirt aaron wore when i met him since i have "pac bucks" i gotta use next week i may get the shirt n weat it to seaport (the shirt is like a skateboarding brand lol) oh well haha then after pac sunwear we went to nordstroms n i got a skirt n 2 tank tops...then we left

    today went to woodbridge mall...we picked up lindsay and she came w. us...we went to spencers to see if they had the skyliners for stevie but they didnt have them :( we saw elvis stuff and thought of greg lol we walked around for a lil bit...went to pac sunwear...i got 2 belts, shirt, n sandals ...looked for the shirt aaron had but they didnt have it :( lol umm we decided to go to the card store and they had aaron i got the 2 they had lol went back to fye n i got the 'so yesterday' single (ya i know i bad mouthed hilary in a past entry but her songs are good lol), the new jessica simpson cd, and a keychain that sez "im with the band"..n then we got cookies and came home...

    yasfdbasdkfjh omgg candice (my bros girlfriend of like 4 years).,.her brother (my age) is so fvckin annoyingg!! he talks to allison mostly cause i dont go on angelbabi when hes on (thats the sn i gave him) and he thinks im the only gurl that will go out w. him/likes him..boyy is he wrong!! he has NOOO chance w. my ...i will not go out with him..ok so ur probley thinking im a bitch and i shud give the kid a chance but nahh hes sooo annoying and hes so ugly =x he drives me crazyy and hes been this annoying since DAY 1...and he sed that "if i go out with someone and not him he will get mad/violent" lol that kid cant beat up any1 if he tried lol ok sorry if im sounding like a bitch but this kid is annoying the hell outta me n i cant take it anymore!! LOL

    hmm lets see...saturday is pop n rock in atlantic just as lost as my mom about whats going on with that one...all i know is that my grandparents are bringing me n we're leaving at i gotta wake up at like 7:30-8 so i can shower n everything...sunday is greg's album release party..thats gonna be fun...those plans are workin mom is gonna talk to chelz's mom tonite about its all good..its gonna be one kick ass weekend...

    random thought : im listening to justin timberlake...i usually dont listen to him/like him...i used to bad mouth him alot after the whole breakup w. britney (ya know the "cry me a river" video = britney look alike n fairy [britney likes fairies] = seemed like a stab in the back) and im a britney fan (yes even thoe she lip syncs but she puts on awesome shows) and so i decided to listen to the cd today(or ddownload songs from the cd) and i like em :) so i take back anything mean i sed about justin...ya he can get on my nerves but hey time changes lol

    ok well im gonna tired of typing gonna go work on new webshots page...ill post it when im done...i probley wont update ill probley update monday about pop n rock n cd release party...xo stefanie

    every1 thats goin to pop n rock and/or cd release part - c ya this weekend :) gonna be awesome

    edit @ 8:26pm aight i just got done w. my new webshots page...this has pics of everyone (aaron, greg, jesse, stevie, friends etc) i changed the link at top but to get there quicker here it is :

    my pics from the jukebox tour 2003 are on a different webshots so if u wanna see those - just IM me for the link..thanx :)

    * comment pleze :)

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