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*''s a good life (lil_gr0upi3) wrote,
@ 2003-08-18 21:40:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:do you remember - aaron carter

    aaron wildwood show
    aight heres my update on the aaron show in wildwood…

    lindsay and her mom got to my house at like 9:24…and finally left at like 9:45 …the ride was like 3 hours long…listened to bsb n the cd i made for linds…listened to steph sing bsb n oldies lol umm…nothing too exciting…lol

    we got to the convention center around 1 or sumthing…went to the box office so lindsay’s mom could pick up the meet n greet passes…we had to wait like 45 minutes to get them…after we got the passes we ate lunch…me n steph went down the boardwalk to find something to eat…steph got a piece of pizza n i got aunt anne’s pretzels(good lunch huh lol) while we were on that part of the boardwalk we saw some cute boys ;) lol oo and when we first got to the boardwalk a group of guys walked by and im like 90% sure 1 of them was jeff, brian’s friend (* brian is a guy i met in wildwood last year that i hung out with) after we ate we decided to get inline for the meet and greet (even thoe the meet n greet was at like 4:45-5)…we were the first people in line for the m+g

    umm nothing too exciting happened while we waited inline…talked to some people ….we watched jump5 , stevie, aarons dancers, and Aarons buses pull in… aarons was the last 1 there n got there like 10 min. be4 meet n greet started (figures lol) but the parking for the buses was like underground so nothing too exciting lol

    finally they let us into the meet n greet and the told us to sit down on these chairs wherever we wanted to…which meant that us being first inline really didn’t matter anymore…umm they told us the rules…n then we got up n inline… the meet n greet was suppose to be 50 ppl but ended up being 150-200…the meet n greet was rushed (cause of the security guards for the convention center…not Aarons ppl) as we get closer to aaron I started to get more nervous cause aaron is the person I have always wanted to meet the most...aight i finally get to the table n i put my cd booklet down and he signed it and i was like "aaron, do u remember the pink pimp hat from philly" and at first aaron had this confused look on his face and then his eyes got big and he smiled n was like "yeah! wait - your the girl that gave it to me" or something along those lines...then i had to go =( so that was my highlite of the meet n greet for me...after the meet n greet we went into the venue...

    be4 the show started n while j-me was on we went out to get souviners..lets say i had fun w. the money i had lol i got the new greg poster, stevie brock photo, aaron tshirt, aaron bear, aaron poster, aaron keychain, n aaron picture lol then i went back in and i saw that people were up against the stage so i went up n then they made us go back to our during the opening acts we cudnt stand...we had to sit down which was gay...felt bad for stevie cuz he probley thought no1 was enjoying the show...stevie was awesome i <3 him lol umm aaron came on...did his thing...looked hott like alwayz ;) he had alot more room on this stage in was bigger and plus they added more to the stage set...which was cool...but the sound system his mic wud sometimes cut out for a second...hmm damn security wud tell us to go back to our seats when we went up for aaron..and 1 time i was up against the baricade n that was the last time they made us go back lol damn security haha i found steph at 1 point n we went back toward our real seats since they were threatening people... but when we were by our seats we saw a guy w. a white hat on the side of the stage so we went up n it was craig :) *aarons hott friend lol so we stayed on that side of the stage...umm...he played the piano durng one of the stevie wonder songs...cudnt see his face but we saw his ass ;) lol then after the song he jumped ontop of the piano (like last year)..then during *do you remember* like the middle of it, i started to cry a little =x (NOT hysterically just a few tears) cause i knew the concert was almost over and i wasnt sure when i was seeing him again (then i didnt know..) and the past 2 concerts were like the best days ever.. note - please dont think im a crazyy teenie cuz i cried a lil lol

    after the show we got inline for the stevie n jump 4 signing...waited a lil bit...when we got closer to the table - steph called over josh n justin (stevie's dancers) n they came over..and they remembered us from march :) we talked to them for a lil n then got pics w. em ...then we realized my mom was infront of stevie so we ran to our spots in line lol stevie signed 2 pics for me...then libby signed a pic from wed...n she passed it to brandon so he signed the libby go figure but i told him i had a pic of me n him so he signed that too...then brittany signed a pic from last year n she sed it was a bad pic (it actually wasnt haha) then was chris..hes nice..him n their manager was making fun of the guy thats on the side of the pic of me n mom was taking pics of every1 w. the digi except she forgot chris so the only nice security guard let me go to him and take a pic n it came out really cute lol then lindsay came over by us (she went thru the line earlier be4 us) n i was deciding whether i shud show lydia (stevie's step mom) my pics of stevie from philly cuz they came out really i asked the nice guard if i can go thru the line to the other side of the table to talk to lydia n he sed yes n as i was walking another security was like where r u going so i told him that the other dude sed i cud go lol so i get to where lydia, josh, n justin were n finally i got the courage to ask her n she looked at em n she liked em :) so i told her ill make her copies of some that she likes n so i marked which 1s...n she sed to look for her in atlantic city (i told her i was going) then we talked to josh n justin for a lil bit...then the signing was over and every1 had to go...

    so we made our way back to the car..took some pics to waste film and then we got in the car and started our 3 hour drive home...which was the most exciting part of the ride...ok so the 3 of us (linds steph n i) were like half asleep in the back...cuz we were 45-60 min. into the ride home lindsay like pops up and was like "OMG ITS STEVIES BUS!" meaning infront of us...and so we all look at it was :) so we followed it...the 1st tollbooth we went thru we waved n he honked lol so we followed him for a while (the whole way home lol) and at 1 tollbooth we pulled over n waited for him to catch up (cuz the bus goes thru it slower) and as the bus passed us as we were pulled over, the bus honked the horn lol the driver recognized the car lol then at one point the bus started to slow down and it switched to the left lane...and it was goin slow n there was no1 in front or back of it so my mom goes to meg (lindsays mom) i think theyre try to tell us to go up further (so we were along the side of the bus) and our moms saw a lil head in the bus rearview mirror and the shade was pulled up so lindsay's mom drove a lil faster so we were now along the side of the bus and we get to the 1st window and stevie is sitting there looking out the window (w. the window open) waving and had the BIGGEST smile on his face...then justin pops his head out n looks n smiles so i was like justinnnn!!! but stevies face was adorable! so lindsay steph and i were like his first actual fans to be that dedicated to follow the bus for so long or so we think we are...we were all screaming n waving n stuff when we saw him lol and then at the last tollbooth we went on the lane beside the bus n we told the bus driver thank you and when we sed thank you the tv n lites were off so it was their bedtime haha

    ok so thats like all the details from the concert...finally i got it done lol
    i have some more pics up on my webshots :
    and ill have more up this week

    well im gonna go....just wanted to finally fnish this lol comment pleze! much love xo stefanie

    we've been brocked for life
    linds steph stef ; 1:16 am lol

    5 days til stevie josh n justin <33

    edit 1 > today was a good day to update cuz 2 years ago today i saw aaron for the 1st time lol seems like ive been a fan alot longer thoe :) <3

    edit 2 > lindsay - thank you n ur mom sooo much for the meet n greets :) even thoe we couldnt take pics w. aaron it was still awesome...n the ride home was the best...stevies smile was adorable lol ur mom is cool for following the bus for so long and waiting for it and switching lanes whenever it did lol it was a fun day lylas xox

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