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Annie (lil_ann) wrote,
@ 2003-07-20 18:01:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:70times7 brand new

    just got back from church
    Alrighty i'm going to actually write in this what I did on my trip to Bama/Tennesse, every detail :D So let's see after church on Sunday we ate and changed into regular clothes and loaded up on the bus..then 6 and a half hours later we arrived in B-ham.We got to the church we were staying at which is located right in the heart of the anyways we got there and put our stuff in the rooms we were staying in, then we went down and ate dinner there. Then we had a meet and greet and had a devotion then went to bed. Then at the crack of dawn..not really..i exagerate..anyways early the next morning we got up and got dressed and all that and went and went to the work site we would be working at all week. It was this older ladies house, the first thing she said was that I was the "Honey of the Bunch" which i thought was pretty funny, but it was nice.Then we worked for awhile then we went back to the church we were staying in [we call it urban], and filled up water balloons, and blew up beach balls and got abunch of game things ready..because after that we went to a park and played with a bunch of kids from around the neighborhood we were staying in. We had a balloon war, and a flour and marshmellow war, it was so fun but we were so dirty and sweaty[ and it was raining ] but we had a blast.Then we went back to urban where i thought we would be taking showers..but when we got there they had a list of chores we all had to we divided the list up, and me and our group leader katie got assigned to do showers, and bathrooms that day..which was okay because we didnt have to do it again, we got it out of the we had to do that and then we finally got to take our well needed showers. Then we played cards and had 2 devotions and played games and went to bed. Then the next day we got to sleep in till 7:45! YES! and we went to this church and we helped serve food,wash clothes, and fold clothes for homeless people. Then after that we went back to the work site and painted more, and then we went to wal mart to get sandwich stuff because tomorrow we were going to hand out sandwiches to homeless people in some different parks, and then we went back to urban and hung out till we had devotion [we have devotion every night and morning]. Then went to bed, then the next day we got up and went to the work site first thing, and then went to the parks and handed out sandwiches,chips,drinks, and this book of scripture.Then the next day we got up and went to the church again to help serve food and do all that for the homeless people, and then went to the work site and worked for the rest of the day. Then we went to urban and passed out because we were so then we woke up friday and packed and headed to Jackson Tennesse, when we got there we unpacked and got work clothes on and went to this ladies house and painted. Then we went back to the church we were staying at there, and we were hanging out and i went downstairs where there was this huge gym and i asked the janitor if there was basketballs and he said yeah you can use anything thats in this closet and unlocked it for me and i looked in there and there were like rows and rows of skates! so we all get roller skates and played rollerbasketball.Then we went ordered pizza, and then played taboo and then had a devotion and went to bed. Then the next day we woke up and got work clothes on and went to this ladies house where we knocked out dry wall and pulled up was really hard..then we went out to eat at the olive garden and then came back to mountain view.THE END! yep that was my week in b-ham and jackson it was pretty fun at times, and pretty hard at times..but i got through it and it was really life changing..I'll write back soon.

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