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Light The Match (light_the_match) wrote,
@ 2003-10-27 14:49:00
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    homecoming/ rest of weekend
    ah man, homecoming was great. dinner was interesting, but i think the dance made up for it. i danced with everyone but sarah, since she's so cool and only wanted to slow dance then get the hell outta, she danced a lil but not as much as i had hoped she would have. an hour after getting there and getting pictures done, i feel someone grab my arm and say " oh my god she has the same the dress! " so........i turn and look at sarah and say "who the hell are you talkin about?" and she said "katie". of course, sarah having that potiential girl-ness in her, she got bent outta shape, but i really didnt think it was that big a deal. i figured sarah looking 3 times better than katie did in the dress would have made sarah feel better about it all and give her somethin to laugh about, i mean - thats how i saw it all. oh, after dancin and grindin on everyone until my knee gave in, we were off to get some free food and go to the beach. i had promised sarah i wouldnt get fucked up with lance, but i ended up jus takin a hit to get him off my case. eh, she got uptight about it...i couldnt blame her tho cuz i told her i wouldnt, but with our relationship....5 minutes later everything was fine and we went to go play in the water. got home around 2, and she got her big ass birthday present. she loved it, thank god. finally got to bed, then got woken up at fuckin 8:30 by a small voice goin "wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up. its my birthday!" yjyjydhjgy..........finally rolled outta bed at 10, and took her home. her mom loved the huge pink unicorn just as much as she did. i take it that was a good move on my part.

    i finally got my stereo in my car hooked up. it sounds pretty damn good for 1x12", but i'm not completely satisfied. i want more power.
    i spent all friday night hookin it up and basically detailing my truck so it was all spiffy for saturday night. worked 5-1 saturday before homecoming......i went 24 hours strait off of 3 hrs. of sleep from friday night, then finally got to sleep 12 - 7 on sunday and even got payed for it. my mom went to work for me and clocked me in / out. so "i" worked 1-6 sunday. it was quite nice

    alright, well, happy belated birthday sarah (p.s. - i care more than you know)

    i'm out


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