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Light The Match (light_the_match) wrote,
@ 2003-07-11 09:14:00
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    holy fuck
    its 9:15 here...which means i should be landing in texas in about 15-20 minutes. yeh, i fuckin missed my flight. i wasnt able to get my boarding pass all because the fucking computer had a malfunction, and as soon as we straitened it out at a different computer, the cut off time kicked in and i wasnt able to get anything. my dad looks at me and says "ur gettin on that fuckin plane" so, he went and talked to all the people he needed to talk to, and i put my shit thru the x-ray scanner then to be loaded on the plane. my dad comes back and says "well son, the soonest u can get out there is 8:30 tonight" i flipped......i threw my board and accidently hit some guy in the leg, and my dad just goes " where the fuck is ur luggage?" and i said "on the plane." so he went to go talk some more about shit and bitch at people, and i skated to the bathroom before i lost it.....well - i lost it. i fuckin went off. the janitor called security on me for crackin the bathroom mirror, but i just skated back to find my dad. nothin happened. my hand is still shaking. i may have broke hurts like a bitch. i scared the shit outta myself this morning, as well as 2 little kids that watched me in the bathroom. i had another rage.....

    i cannot believe who i become when my anger takes control. i went crazy on the whole bathroom, while 2 lil boys are standing there waiting for their dad to get out of the stall. the stall that i just kept punching along with everything else. i wanted to break down completely, but there was no time for me to let that occur. now, i'm sitting here scared shitless, cuz my dad knows nothing of this......but if they got me on camera, he will. i'll be banned from OIA, and the next time i go to see kyle will be because i rode my bike all the way there.....i dunno what to think. this fuckin blows


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