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LifeAsAHo (lifeasaho) wrote,
@ 2003-06-25 00:43:00
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    Current mood:relaxed
    Current music:White Strips, "7 Nation Army"

    my day yesterday
    ya well.... this day started out really gay i woke up and the power at my house was out so i could do nothin but take a cold ass shower.... then i got out and watched some soaps(those things r addictin) then had 2 get ready 2 go 2 drumline practice with the freshies YAY!:(...and my mom finally got her ass home so then we went 2 get nikki cuz she is so fuckin lazy that we gotta take her 2 practice and then got there had a borin ass practice....and then had 2 take nikki home and after that went over 2 joy's house 2 borrow a movie and she tells me bout how a damn stupid car hit her on her bike 2day on her way from whit's house which is really a funny story.....and then i got home and went cruisin in my car with my permit (no almost accidents 2day) then i got home around 7:30 and went online.....then did nothin until like 9:30 and made a publix run 2 get my fruit...U KNOW.....and just watched tv and talked 2 athena and athena is the reason y im doin this journal shit cuz she wants me, whit, joy and her 2 all have journals so....w/e .....THE NEW TOM GREEN SHOW!...ya well now im startin 2 talk bout 2day so later

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