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Sara (lifeanddeath) wrote,
@ 2004-03-10 23:11:00
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    Current mood: bitchy
    Current music:AFI - "The Leaving Song Part 2"

    Sara's Bitch Night
    That's right, tonight is special. Tonight is Sara's bitch night. Give me credit, I haven't had one in a decent while.
    I'm tired of knowing that I have spent 14 out of my 16 years in school. I hate knowing that I will have to go to college and spend another 8 more years in a school just to grow and be something considered "special" in society. So I'll be higher class and making all this money that I truly don't deserve so my braty kids can secretly wish death upon me when I'm old just to get my money I've saved. And that with ever paycheck there comes consequences, taxes. For every $100 I make, I miss $40 for all the stupid people to sit around and beat their kids in the car to just to go pick up their welfare check. And by the time they get home, half has gone on drugs and a new outfit to where while fucking some nasty guy who is married to realize they have gained nothing except a few dollars (The same amount of money I'll spend on lunch daily) and an unknown new disease. I hate it when people think I am "below" them because I won't at a fast food place. I am not good enough to live because I use the lines, "Thank you for choosing Long John Silvers. My name is Sara. Would you like to try one of our basket combos tonight?.....You're total is _______, thank you and please pull around." I'm 16, what the fuck do you expect of me? I can't wear a name tag that says Methodist hospital or anything. I apologize, I really do. And I hate it when people throw their shit on the floor that I am sweeping right in front of my face. I hate it when people notice I am trying to clean and they leave all their shit on the table for me to clean up. Is this a real resturant? I am not a fucking waitress. You're not supposed to actually eat there. You're supposed to get your shit and Hint: Fast fucking food you morons. And when I stock my stand, people literally push me out of -their- way because they are too impatient. God forbid you -wait- three minutes?! =o NO! And I hate teachers. They tell the -truth- and people believe them just because they have a degree. Big fucking deal. I pay the bastards...yeah me, the little 16 year old. And I hate people who are my age that make me look bad. Just because they are too lazy to even begin to try to understand their future, I get the blame with aptitude tests and open responses. "Hey, Board of Education, thanks for the concern but I can decide my future a little better than you and without your help. Help the cheerleaders who think they can be cheer for the Lakers." Dumb have to be black with a huge ass....sorry. Hardly anyone has thought of what to do or where to go after high school. Have you ever thought of the conformity? Didn't think are the root of it all.
    I'm tired of spending taxes for people to live in jail just because they can't obey this stupid government's rules and "regulations." I'm tired of the government taking my hard earned money to put those people in jails just because they had a joint. Whooo, he's going to hell now. Like Bush has never had dope before. Just legalize the shit, bastards. Alcohol is "healthy", does this make pot dangerous? Didn't think so.
    I despise the fact that on Monday through Saturday I will have to get up at 5am to go to work, which I'll hate it in the future too. I'll work all day, come home at 5pm. Cook for my husband who think he has worked harder and cooking is for the ladies. I'll clean, do laundry, wash the supper dishes, tuck the kids in after doing their homework for them just to repeat the same thing everyday. Then on Sundays I will be to worn down to go anywhere. So I made approx $500 a week just to save $30 for gas, $100 for food $700 for rent, and the gas, electricity, car repair, household items, hospital bills, phone bills, and ever other bill I must pay to survive. And the amount I had first was really $900...this returns me to the prostitutes that beat their kids while picking up my tax money AKA their welfare check. So I'd make all this money, lose all this money, never have fun, and go through the same exact fucking routine ever day I live until I day. Great! I love life. And you people wonder why I am not a people person. Gee, because most people are fucking retards and they see how things are deep inside. They see the exterior with their close minds and their rich mommies and daddies that give them $50 just to go see a movie. Wonder what they'll grow up to be. And lawyers, ugh, don't get me started. The only thing I have to look foward to at this moment is sleep and the sex that I provide for my own self.
    There is so much shit to say but frankly, I need a shower. See you all on the corners earning those bucks in the outfit I paid for.

    P.S. Call me conceited but I will always be better than those people, no matter how bad of a person I am.

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