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Micah (levelximp) wrote,
@ 2004-02-28 16:31:00
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    Bored again...I love surveys.

    1)Date of Birth? - 07/25/1985
    2)Gender? - Male
    3)Where do you live? - Borington USA!!!
    4)Place of birth? - Houston, Texas
    5)Parent’s names? - Jeff Pilson, and Leanne McLane
    6)Have any siblings? - Sister is Hannah and my "brother" is Andy
    7)Name as it appears on your birth certificate - James Micah Pilson


    8)What is your eye color? - Dark Brown/Green (hazel)
    9)What color is your skin? - Tan
    10)How tall are you? - 5. 8"
    11)Measurements? - Uhh....5, 8" 130 pounds, Figure the rest out
    12)Build? - Skinny
    13)What’s your shoe size? - 9 1/2
    14)Words you over use - Any swear word, especially taking the lords name in vain...sorry baby
    15)Who are your best Friends? - Desiree, Jimmy, Candice, Kevin, Kristina, Mike, and Collin
    16)Do you hate anyone? - The systems manager at Alltel
    17)Does anyone hate you? - The Alltel network apparently doesn't like me at all


    18)Movies - Boondock Saints!!!
    19)Actors/Actresses - Collin Farrell, and Nicole Kidman
    20)T.V shows - Futurama, and Family Guy
    21)Bands - System Of A Down, Incubus, Coldplay, Outkast, U2, 3EB
    22)Songs - Under My Umbrella (incubus), and Highway Song (System) just to name 2
    23)Scent - Higher by Dior
    24)Animal - Dr. Zoidberg!
    25)Car - I want an Rx-8 soooooo bad
    26)Color - Black and Red


    27)Are you single? - Nope
    28)If so, what kind of mate are you looking for? - I'm not so.....
    29)If not, what is your lover’s name? - Desiree Amber MeGie
    30)Have you ever been in love? - Yep
    31)How many people can you say that you love? - like 10 or so?
    32)Are you a virgin? - Nada
    33)Ever committed a sexual act in a public place? - No, but I can tell you I plead the Fizifth
    34)Ever thought about marriage? - Yes
    35)What is your ideal Husband/Wife - My soul mate

    Have You Ever?

    36)Jumped out of a plane? - No but I want to
    37)Tried to kill yourself? - One time
    38)Gone skinny-dipping? - No! Why does every survey ask that?
    39)Been in a car crash? - Yeah, not bad though
    40)Been out of the country? - Yep, London
    41)Seriously injured yourself? - No, I had a kidney stone once though
    42)Attempted a long distance relationship? - Wow, what a question...I'm in one!
    43)Done drugs? - Unfortunately
    44)Ran away from home? - When I was 5, I didn't even make it down the block
    45)Met a president? - I met the president of my family...My father
    46)Won any awards? - I have won 6 medals for solo and ensemble, 9 bars, and 3 letters in high-school. I got the "gunk-shot" for being the best rookie in Big 8 for preseason
    47)Made an idiot out of yourself? - Who hasn't?
    48)Fallen asleep at the wheel of a car? - No, I had to wake myself up a few times before though
    49)Thrown your own party? - At my house? yeah, but not like my own birthday party or anything
    50)Fallen down the stairs? - haha! Yeah
    51)Driven a motorcycle? - Nope, I want too though...only if it's a crotch rocket


    52)When’s the last time you took a shower? - this afternoon
    53)What soap and shampoo did you use? - Irish Springs, and Head and Shoulders
    54)Do you towel off or air dry? - uh.....towell
    55)Are you an Innie or an Outtie? - Innie
    56)What do you think of George W.? - good man, not too bright though
    57)Are you a Simpsons fan? Yeah
    58)Can you name every character from any T.V show or movie? - yeah, Futurama
    59)If so…then do it! - OMG....Professor Farnsworth, Fry, Leela, Bender, Zoidberg, Amy, Hermes, Nibbler, Scruffy...I don't feel like naming all of them
    60)How bored are you? - Very
    61)How much did you sleep last night? - like ten hours
    62)What time did you wake up this morning? - 12:30
    63)Do your eyes hurt? - No
    64)How about your fingers? - I think i have a burn on my right index finger
    65)Are you glad this is over? - sure

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