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Micah (levelximp) wrote,
@ 2004-02-12 21:18:00
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    Blickity Blah.....
    Come on, you guys know exactly what I did today.....NOTHING!!!! I'm now waiting for my dad to come home and rheem me out about still not having two jobs. GET OVER IT ASS!!!!! Jeez I'm tired of hearing about that....The first thing out of his mouth everytime I talk to him is "Get a job yet??" No "Hi son" or "How was your day" Nope.....not my dad. So to all of those who have fathers who pay attention to your life or even seem to care about your well-being...don't take it for granted. So anyways.....I've been debating the whole Mardi Gras thing. I really wanna see my girlfriend, but I don't know how I'm gonna come up with the money. I hate life sometimes!!!! I'm still wondering how Candice's "mission" went the other night. I hope she's finding a way to break down her wall...cause I hate hearing her upset. So anyways...reminder to everyone....My girlfriend rocks my world. She totally told off that Austin kid tonight cause he was talking shit again. FAG. Anyhoo, Kristina's apparently off on a hot Valentines day date....Woo hoo! I wanna hear about that one! So that's all I've done for today. Hung out with my DL boys, fun but they are crazy. I'm not going to Jimmy's tonight cause he's got a test tommorow...good luck bro. I'll be around all night so drop me a line folkers.


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