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les (leswhat) wrote,
@ 2004-09-19 20:31:00
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    Current music:live from texas

    Braindead, exhasted
    My thinking today has been limited, finally. Faith in the unknown, willingness to accept it, has caused us to trust to much. We have carried the enemy home on our backs.

    Harsh I may seem, but my thinking is the product of the society that we live in. My lashing out is only fueled by seeing the ignorance of society. The giants of our world feeding and thriving on this ignorance for their own personal gain. They say it is for the benefit of the better good. They don't tell you how much padding is going into their own pockets and being hipocrits, not practicing the very things they are forcing us to believe. Hipocrits in charge, we put them there and we let them stay. Changes need to be made.

    Zero tolerance, is it good for our schools and children? Yes, you say. Then lets bring it to corporate america, to our government. I want to see zero tolerance in society. We force it on our children, then it must be good. Demand leadership by example from our government officials. Why should these liars be held in such high status? What have they really done for us? (Nothing). Make them accountable, show them zero tolerance. Strip them of the status that they will risk telling lies for. Let's make everyone accountable. Tyranny.

    My brain hurts, Just can't seem to find peace in this world. Why is everyone trying to get over on someone else?

    I yearn for a time when we can trust our neighbors, send our kids out without worrying, trust our politicians! respect me for what I have done. For what I want.

    Peace. Trust. Honesty. Integrity. Accountability. Are these even words anymore, have they been bumped from the dictionary or just moved to the unabridged version and printed in small type.

    I think that I must be of alien descent, a traveler from a distant time, trapped in this hell which I cannot escape. I scream but no sounds leave my lips. I stand in the corner unnoticed, No, overlooked, innocent looking no threat, I will push back, defend what is right. Just because I don't speak doesn't make me a fool. I'm just an observer, I see all, I'm a sponge, I don't forget. I saw what you did, and you know it in the back of your mind. I'm coming.

    make it stop. make it stop. we need to change it quickly. it's coming. for you. for me. for us. I can hide. you haven't seen me, I see you, they all did. they are coming. you can't stop them. they have no leader. just one consciousness. my conscious. you don't have one. you let it go, gave it away. I'm invisible. I have learned. still learning. learning till nothing left to learn. I can use it. you need me. I can't help you. just my family. just those who have earned it. you should have changed. no forgiveness here. no second chances. they are coming. i fear it is too late. thought you could out smart it. you don't even have thought. choices maybe. that's what they want you to think anyway. wrong decision. but you chose it. you knew it was wrong. living for today. tommorrow is here. what are you going to do know. forgiveness, once maybe. no longer available. you have beaten it down. walked all over it. going dark. no light at the end of the tunnel. just darkness. forever dark. forever. forever.

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