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jenny (lessthanjen170) wrote,
@ 2003-12-04 20:16:00
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    Current mood: jubilant
    Current music:island in the sun weezer

    i really really REALLY want a belly ring. i'm even having orgasmic dreams about those sterling diamonds on da jp. but i hear they do it free in da city, so i might go over vacation or somethin....oo, i'm too excited. probably overly excited. another factor: half my grade has one. we're talkin "nice" jewish girls here. oy. thsoe lucky....grrr....s'funny hwo we set a really weird example of our religion. people think that we're amish or something. take the yale model congress party that we got into so much trouble in over. haftr made its own party and this kid named derek falsl in luv with our er, partying and then he goes, yo can i get a yarmulke over here? i'm serious i wanna be jewish now. he thinks it's all play and ass lol oy. guys. seriously, the only good one is a gay one. but how would i know?(if i ever do find out, i'll edit this entry;)

    i'm way to happy! i think fro's reunion is totally going to work (please don't jinx anything jen...) and i might see her at nyu this summer! rachel said something about australia too. somethin about writing prep in australia. might od that the second half(they better give shcolarships....)

    got a call from carol. starts tellin me about my nonexistent skills. i wish ppl would lay off the fact that i can barely read music. makin too muc haof a big thing out of it. makin it out to be mroe than it really is. let me tell u this: i can't play! get it in your head.
    and besides, no ones likes a show-off. i prefer modesty. even if i dun have a reason to be. so lay off. ok i'm cool. now.

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