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jenny (lessthanjen170) wrote,
@ 2003-12-01 20:56:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:reel big fish- she's gota gf now

    ::nonchalant whistle::
    u know...just once i'd like to capture my judgment and find my rightful mind. lesse....recap of "les weekend:"

    slept over steph's she got this urge to braid my hair, so she did my whole head and i woke up a monster but da bun saved me=P

    my throat's all sore now and my nose is stuffed...i think my throat is sore bc i spent half the night talkin and my nose is stuffed bc i spent half the second night walkin llol

    me and steph pillow-fought and i think it wa a tie=P (i'm just being nice here tho...;)

    then rachel came over and we were all hyper and started jumpin and runnin around the house with food and i dun remember how that ended.....

    then when shabbos(finally) ended, me and rachel decided we wanted to see honey, but it isn't out yet(y don't ppl tell me these things?!?!?!)

    then we decided we'd go over to her hosue and figure something out. so i'm walkin around steph's house with only a bra and jeans on and then i decided that i really need to find my shirt, which was buried under da bed...yeah that took a while...

    then then then me and rachel go to her house and her dad's beggin me to play but i take a rain check bc my figners were all frozen thn i see lulu's entire family (i hate her older sis! grrrrr...::scratch::)

    then i go online and i c that itamar's on, and he goes did u think about the last convo? i'm not sure if i still possess those feelings....prob bc i forgot about him in da last ::counts:: wat is it, 4 months now? yeah that sounds about rite. he's a nice guy, but he's in israel and i think he's 19 by now? he found our poetry, however. that was pretty cool. i remember crashing waves and stolid night clubs...

    anyway, then we got a call from lulu who wanted us to go with her to see a movie and on the ave so rachel wanted to go and i ended up goin as well, then i got a bad feeling. i shoudl go with those mroe often. they're usually right. we got on central at around 7. we were walkin around with druggie stlakers and lulu-lovers for about 2 hours. (this is by far the most boring entry ever)

    we wanted to see love actually, but that was (can u believe this night?!?!?!) sold out so we ended up seeing catindahat ( i hope that movie dies a painful death) the ppl that were with us were sara, andy, sam, lulu, turk, 2 other guys, me, rachel....i think that's about it....

    sunday morning i did those lovely pilates then convinced mom to hit roosevelt, but she wanted to go to the piano store first. so wer'e there and i see this guy who's playing asa anei and then i get this gr8 light bulb to practice now bc i get the notion that we'll be getin home all late so i'm sittin there doin my thing when i realize that my black nail polish ahs damaged a 40000 grand. yikes. i move on to the next piano lol. but damn those glissandos they get u so carried away and i did it to about 5 diff uprights b4 we went to the actual mall.
    i hit urban outfitters and vikky's secret (thong alert!) and forever 21 (goth top=P) and charlotterusse(goth necklace) and i htink that's it.

    today was a pretty stupid day too. art was tres interessent. i'm halfway through my still-life of vegetables and so far she hasn't bit my neck off. eco test back. i thought i failed. 96 baby;)
    tiredness. sucha boring entry!!!!

    ::stabs contents::

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