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jenny (lessthanjen170) wrote,
@ 2003-11-17 21:03:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:say "ten" reel big fish

    bliss bliss and bouncing
    i get really corny when happiness strikes but's here! i gotta cell! and imma list all these random bday presents so here we go:

    1) flowers and necklace from mike

    2)flwoers and top and skrit and coat and gloves from mom

    3) money from relatives
    4) gib and kitty themselves and AMAZING cds from both!!!!!!!!! (gib, the money won't stop pouring out.....)
    5) necklace form mom and card (as the day goes on...)
    6) makeup from tanya (aka spa owner!=P)
    7) more flowers form ppl
    8) CELL!!!!!!
    9) makeup from steph
    10) makeup case stuffed with makeup from other stpeh
    11)digital calendar from parentals
    12)ekg card from kitty=P
    13) teddy bear with cucumber melon shower gel/lotion from malka (aka the cousin hu is goin to law school land has a fiance....grrr)

    and and wow.

    so gib and kitty came over yesterday and at first i coudlnt tell ti was them bc of massive pms but then i screamed and went NUTS and hugged kitty ntil she oculdnt breather and hermom thnks i' ma freak but yeah....oy. and gib got funnier and kitty looked really pretty and i was so happy again. (after being diagnosed with depression from a certain someone....cough b cough...nah, u know i lu chu too much for my own good<3) lol.

    so everwood's on and i du ncare caus it's really not that good a shwo unless he plays and stuff and i spent a lot of time organizign the cell,...and and...shwoer party time=P

    i'm visiting you....

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