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leslie143 (leslie143) wrote,
@ 2004-09-11 22:23:00
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    i finally left him
    today i finally left him, i got strength somehow and got away. the only problem i have is styaing away, that migh tbe hard just like all the other times. i was with him for 3 years and everytime we broke up i went crawling back to him. for some reason i knwo this time is different i know that i am better then him and i will only hurt myself in the end if i was to stay wit him. now i have to find a way to make my self esteem and everythign go back to how it was before i met him. since i been with him i gained 10 pounds and i feel ugly. i let myself go and did it all because he made me. to him i was nothing. just another person walkin on this earth that meant absolutely nothing. i wasted my life, my love, my soul, my tears, my pain on someoen that wasnt worth it at all. i thoguht he was my soulmate, my future, my best friend. i guess thats what i get for falling for someone witht he past history of being rude and disrespectful towards his ex's. i was in the wrong for letting it go on for so long. bad thing is si that i'll miss his family more then anything in the world. his youngest sister wont even remember me when she is older, ill be nothing but a person she forgot about. his family treated me with such hospitality is was nice to have people there for me. they helped me out more then my parents ddi the feeling was nice real nice. i just dont want them to forget about me, they made an impact on my life forever, i never met a family so generous and loving towards each other ever in my time. see thats ashame when i dont miss him i just miss his family. enough said. goodbye for now.

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