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leslie143 (leslie143) wrote,
@ 2004-11-26 22:23:00
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    same old shit
    today went pretty good i guess, i wen tto work really early. i hate black friday people are insane. its as though they never had any manors or any kind of trainin how to act in public. they go wild over sales. lol. yesterday was turkey day and i didnt do anything for it with my family. my mom had to work from 2-11, my dad was hom ebut didnt wanna cook, and my two brothers were home but they didnt wanna do anythign either. so i went out to the diner wit one of my friends. its the same as last yr except i was at home. sometimes when i am trying to go to sleep i think of the things that i would change about my life, like if i had one wish what would it be and how much better things would be. i wouldnt ask for money cuz thats y we work, i wouldnt ask to be prettier or thinner cuz i am fine with how i feel about myself, i wouldnt ask to be famous or anythign liek that. deep in my heart i honestly believe that i would wish to hav a decent family who respects one another. i think thats all ive ever wanted in life.

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