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bri-bri's journal (leopardpatchwrk) wrote,
@ 2003-08-04 21:09:00
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    Current mood: satisfied
    Current music:some weird reality show

    wellll i'm finally back from vaca... it was fun! It was me shelly cliff janyna carrie gary nadine and carrie's friend jared...he was a total ass as i predicted... like i got along with him but he had a few slips with the gay comments and i was just like whatever.... i was extreamly verbal how pissed off he made me to him so i got my 2cents in, and he did say sorry....
    so i got down on thursday and may i say the ride was sooooo long but so pretty! i got to the house which was so huge! and then the drinking commenced....we played drinking games and all that good stuff...then friday was the same...then saturday was the Blues Fest and it was pretty chill, people were cool, beer wasnt that expensive and i got these phatty necklaces from this stand...and my boss was there and i was like IM NOT GOING TO WORK ON MONDAY, cause i wanted to come to the fest on sunday too...she was trashed and agreed...even know we didnt go back on sunday...i just wanted to stay there till today! muahahahaha!!!
    sunday was fun too, relaxing...movies out the ass and of course drinking!
    monday we cleaned and packed and started...jayna doggie mackie was angered and wanted to go me and jayna blasted poe all the way home
    all in all it was nice... and i sooo dont want to goto work tommarrow...AT ALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!! it makes me sad
    i wish i were rich! that would be nice...

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