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chode! (lemonfrump) wrote,
@ 2003-07-22 15:30:00
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    Current mood: irritated
    Current music:vanilla ice

    well well well.

    i'm not keeping anything organized anymore. it's july, i'm in summer school for another 3 weeks or so. it's alright, it gets me up and shit.. but, i can't stay the night anywhere which really sucks.
    i planned on seeing everyone this summer like, carlee, hannah, brandon, john, lanthier, mike hansen, shanz, jill, risa..

    i think it's all because i smoke pot. i don't get it, everyone has smoked pot before.. [besides risa] and i bet they're all going against me. i don't smoke to the point where i feel stupid and gitty anymore, it's just a chill mood.. and i can express myself pretty simply.

    kevin is just a straight up fuck head, for everything. he's still calling me a slut and shit, i bet if he was offered some pussy.. he would take it.. in 2 seconds. he shouldn't talk.
    go down baby.
    you may not.

    russ and adam left to go to france a couple days ago.. i miss russ so badly right now. seeing his name online, laughing together.. and definantly the blazed moments.

    i'm very lonely.

    leah & kevin? what a weird sexual mix. but, i'm actually cool with it.. but as of right now.. i never want to see leah again, she sickening.

    i need to see catherine, and get my spirits up.

    i want a kiss.

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