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chode! (lemonfrump) wrote,
@ 2003-05-11 13:54:00
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    Current mood: determined
    Current music:Dj Dara

    baby, you got me going again.
    how weird.

    i love how he can everything, and not worry about it. i think i was just staring at him blankly last night. (i was stoned, it's a given.) just seeing that face, seeing that face as if we were an item. i just smiled. =)
    it just rained, and now it's all breezy, it feels nice. i miss sitting on my front porch with my dog and just staring at the ground, looking at the raindrops hit the cement.

    hardcore. i had a weird dream. i was in a tornado, and all my belongings were flying around, some of the shit was from when i was a baby. kindaaaaa weird how i recognized it.

    i hate south buffalo. if i were to live in north buffalo, i would be out right now, meeting up with people, going to terrapin. but nooooooo.

    i'm growing my hair out, it's gonna look nasty though because i'm gonna have to flip the bottom out.
    it's fucking May.
    one more month of school, and i'm OUT. i'm gonna be running out of that school when i get the chance. (well, i already ran out of it when i was sneaking out.) i hope i don't get more lazy than i was. fuck it, i'm going to philly and traveling.

    i think things are getting better for me. or maybe i'm not sad because i'm not talking to kevin. i'm sortof getting over him...what will he provide me that other guys won't? penis? I GOT THAT SHIT. tehe.

    slip and slide, suicide. co.

    left to right. another ride.
    ending thought: i might be going with moose to williamsville with 3 blunts and a 40 each. -raises roof-

    lemon. frump. ♣

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