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Prairie Girl (lemonemke) wrote,
@ 2008-03-12 09:01:00
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    It's snowing here again. We've had almost 100cm of snow (that's 3 ½ feet for all you yankees out there) since March 1st. One more foot to reach the snowfall record - I say let's go for it.

    Last night I made corn chowder and talked to Kyla on the phone, which was very nice. Then I went grocery shopping, did the dishes and went to bed. What an exciting life I live...

    Work has been slow lately but thankfully not a complete waste of time. T had his review yesterday and got a raise. That reminds me - I need my T4 for my old job... it ticks me off that I gave them my new address and they still seem to have gotten it wrong.

    Easter weekend we are going to NYC and Vermont for a few days. We'll leave for NYC, driving, on the 22nd, probably arrive shortly after lunch. We're staying at a beautiful place on Manhattan, on the Southern shore. It looks like it might be a timeshare. We're there for two nights (T mentioned going to a Broadway - eee!) and then we'll head to a B&B in Vermont. We stayed there last May - it's just a wonderful little place. I love Vermont. It's beautiful. Anyway, this place is really close to Sugarbush so we'll probably do some skiing. Vermont for another two nights and then home! It'll be a great trip.

    Anyway. I should get back to work now.

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