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Prairie Girl (lemonemke) wrote,
@ 2007-07-17 08:57:00
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    Elevators with personality
    The elevators in my building here at work are crazy; they all seem to have minds of their own. There are six of them in total, and all of them old and some a bit rickety. The farthest one from my office is the craziest. It shoots up with eye-popping enthusiasm, noticably more than the others, always overshoots its target and then plummets to its stop. It always makes my stomach jump a bit. It is also the most rickety: because of its delight in speed, it shakes and rattles more than the others.
    All of them, from time to time, will mysteriously stop at floors no one has requested. You'll step into the elevator, and random buttons have been pushed and then you're forced to stop on several floors.
    Also, sometimes, I'll arrive in the morning and there's an elevator open and seemingly ready to take me to the sixth. Sometimes it is ready, but sometimes it's not. You can get in, push the button for your floor, and sometimes it'll just sit there. You never know when this might happen, and then you have to step out and press the up button, but quickly rush back into the elevator because the doors close quickly. Well, sometimes they close quickly. So you always have to rush in because you never know if it'll be one of those times when the doors decide to close quickly or not, and sometimes they don't close at all. Most of the time they do act normal, but every so often they do something weird - just often enough to keep you on your toes and guessing.

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