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Krista (lellobaby69) wrote,
@ 2004-06-15 15:12:00
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    Current mood: giggly
    Current music:viva las vegas- elvis presley

    im sueing mike wetzel!
    so, yesterday me and my mom dropped off my report card at the ford dealership. we go in there and i was all excited because i thought i would have the most entries since i had 6 A's and 1 B (so i had 19 entries altogether, the most you could get was 21) so i fill out the form and everything, and sign the sheet....and i see julie lindsay's name on there....and she had 19 entries...and Nick scotto was on there too with only 10. but the guy said there were about 40 people who had entered (which is pretty good, better chances of winning than the lottery) and then while im signing my entries he asks my mom if i have my license. and shes like no, she still has her permit, but she's elligible to get it, i just want her to have more practice before she actually gets it. and then the guy says, oh order to enter this contest you have to have a legal florida driver's license. and i was sitting there almost about to cry. (THIS IS WHY MY MOTHER IS DUMB!) and my moms like what? and he was like yeah, im pretty sure thats what the rules are...but im not exactly sure. you could call tomorrow and ask for mike, and see what he says but im pretty sure thats what it says. (which is INCREDIBLY GAY considering that there were no rules stated in the 2 newspaper articles about the contest. all it said was "one lucky st lucie county highschool student could drive home in a new ford focus!" and it told all about the grades and the report card...but NOTHING about having a drivers license.) so i was really upset, but my mom said that if thats the case, that she's going to have a "crash course in parking" so that i can get my license before the contest this saturday and be elligible for it. (which if thats the case, either way i win...that is if i pass. because then even if i dont get the car, ill still have my license. but im hoping it doesnt come to that. i cant learn to park in only 4 days!) so shes going to call them today and see. cross your fingers!

    after that fiasco we went to walgreens to get my prescriptions filled and get some band-aids for my mommy. we were standing in the band-aid aisle, and i looked up at the mirrors in the back of the store that show everyone in each aisle and on the aisle next to us i saw this guy walking towards the front door, his back turned toward the mirror. and i was like wow, he looks REALLY familiar. and then it hit me, i was like omg, thats bryan. and i looked at him more but he never turned around and i was hoping that it wasnt him because i was afraid he would come and talk to me and my mom would really think he was a stalker then. but then i was kind of freaked out because that was like, the 4th time in 3 days that i'd seen him, and its not like i was looking for was just a little bit freaky. and then i was thinking, omg, maybe he really is stalking me. maybe giancarlo has been right this whole time. but i walked down another aisle to see if it really was him cuz i wasnt positive, but he was gone before i could see.

    then when i got home i called him (cuz he was leaving for south carolina today and i wanted to say goodbye really quick) and hes like hey, i saw you in walgreens. and i was like what?!?! omg that was you! what the hell were you doing there? are you sure you arent stalking me?! and he started laughing and hes like no, i completely forgot u were going there. my grandpa was going there to get his prescription filled and i had to go pick up my pay check, so i went with him cuz i didnt feel like walking. and i was like oh...

    and then i called giancarlo and told him and he was like SEE! omg, he IS a stalker! and idk why but i couldnt stop laughing. and i kept giggling on and on and hes like what? u do like him dont you. omg u do. fine just go have sex with him, i dont care, you obviously like him more than me, just go ahead, ill go hang out with jessica. and i was like giancarlo... THERE IS NO JESSICA! if i were to do that youd be all alone. and i would never do that anyway. i love you too much. i love you, youre everything to me. and he was all happy again.

    the world is a happier place because of people like you. hug someone today. tell them you love them.
    >self help counselor voice<"work inside your circle of influence."- gay ass teacher from youth leadership. lmao.

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