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Krista (lellobaby69) wrote,
@ 2004-06-13 12:42:00
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    Current mood: busy
    Current music:church songs stuck in my head! AHHH!

    4 and a half miles we will go.
    yea. so yesterday giancarlo came over. his dad brought the porsche again and showed my mom, she thought it was cool. we hung out for a while just messing around on the computer, and eating food and stuff. then for some stupid reason i had the urge to ride bikes all the way down to river place....which i didnt think was that far away..but its REALLY REALLY far! it was so hot outside too, we were dying. giancarlo was sweating profusely and i had back sweat, which is really weird cuz i never get back sweat. it ruined my cute outfit for the day too, oh well. giancarlo kept trying to hug me and kiss me, but it was so gross cuz we were both so sweaty and i wouldnt let him.. lol. but the whole time we were out there he kept trying. i wub him.

    we rode all the way to river place from my house, past the publix and further south.....finally we got there, lmao. giancarlo tried to do a trick and hop over a curb while on the bike but he uh....landed in a hole once he got over the curb, his bike flipped foward and he hit his nuts and flipped over onto the ground. lol, it was so funny but i felt bad for him. then we went to the playground, looked around and decided to go on the nature trail. it was really hard to peddle cuz we were so tired and plus there were little hills we had to go up over. we decided to take a detour and go to the kyak/canoe dock. we hung out there for a little bit and rested, and we even saw a baby aligator. it was really pretty there, except for the fact that it was around 95 degrees outside. my mom called and said the mutters wanted me to babysit for them for an hour or two, and she said the kids could come to our house and i could watch them with giancarlo (IS SHE NUTS?! why on earth would i want to do that!) so i told her we wouldnt be home in time cuz we were still on the nature trail and shes like oh okay. then on the way home we stopped at subway and got a cookie and iced tea. went home.....and at 7 we went to Rave to see shrek 2 with my mom.

    while we were getting popcorn, guess who we just happened to see!?!?! take a wild guess?! bryan. lmao. i was like wtf? what are u doing here? and hes like seein chronicles of riddick. and i 4got to introduce giancarlo...but bryan was like ill ttyl, see ya. and i told giancarlo it was him and hes like oh i could so take him. lol. so we saw shrek, it was funny, i liked the first one alot better though. then we went to mcalisters to eat, got our food, and when we walked out to get into the car we saw the mutters sitting at a table. (isnt that weird?) so we went and talked to them for a little bit.....and while i was talking to them who did i see?!?! bryan. lmao. i waved at him and he waved back and looked away. then while we were walking away to go home, bryan comes running after us and i was like um...hi. and i was like uhh mom this is bryan. dont worry hes not stalking me! lol and he was like no, no im not, it was just a coincidence. i saw her in the movies and then i came to friendlys for ice cream. im not a stalker lol. and we were all laughing. then he was talking to us for a little bit....and giancarlo just kind of stood there. i felt bad... i didnt introduce him to bryan or the not good with introducing people. anyway, so then we took giancarlo home.....and then i drove home. ALL THE WAY FROM PALM CITY BIOTCH. mom is trusting me more with driving i think.

    today we went to church because the priest is trying to charge us for noncatholic tuition next year just because we dont go to church that much. wendy was there singing her guts out...a little baby was baptized...yea yea all that spiritual stuff. then.......we went to dennys for breakfast. it was really gross, the service was really bad. they got our orders wrong like 3 times. i didnt want to go there but my mom insisted. oh well. a waste of money. but i drove all day today, my mom hasnt driven since yesterday. biotches n hoezzles.

    i have to work tonight. bleh. and i have homework for that gay ass class. ill ttyl later. i love you, bye!

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