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Krista (lellobaby69) wrote,
@ 2004-06-08 20:01:00
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    bryan bought me ice cream.....hehehe
    lalala, so i went to class today...boring as ever. we had to get into groups and discuss problems in our community and how we can change them. this of course is not my thing..... so i sat there and didnt talk to anyone....except when nicky and matt were talking about how crazy hillary for taking 3 AP classes. and i told them about how she wanted to be "queen of academic crap" and stuff... yea. that was it. the whole time tho everyone looked at me and was like..u dont talk very much do u. and i was like...nah.. i dont really like to talk. im sure they all dont like me now. im just not one to discuss economics and politics and crap. then we got into this huge debate and crap...yeah. then we had another huge assignment for tonight AND we have to read. at least we got free pens. oh, and we found out that the teachers grandson's name is 'thaddeus'. YES! thaddeus! who the hell names their kid that? i went picked me up, went to the dermatologist......said i have a huge cancerous mole and if its not removed immediately i could die. JUST KIDDING lol. no, i had the option of taking an antibiotic for my rash thing....or changing to a different skin wash thing....and my mom said i should avoid antibiotics cuz u can get addicted to them or something...idk. whatever. but if the wash doesnt work im taking the antibiotics...which can cure it. i wanted to take that in the first place but my mom has to be ms. cautious.

    then i came home, made potato soup for gc tomorrow and worked on hw. bryan came online and asked what i was doing, i told him i was doing hw, he said cant u take a break? and i was like uhh...i could..but i dont feel like it. and hes like c'mon, ill buy u ice cream. and i was like lmao, what? are u serious? and hes like yeah. meet me at baskin robbins. and i was like are u kidding mom would kill me, she thinks youre stalking me, shell never let me go plus i cant drive and i dont have a ride there. and hes like well..ill meet u somewhere and we can walk there together. and i was like what?! are u nuts. and hes like im kidding... lol. and he was like meet me there if u can... bla bla bla.

    so then i was talking to shannon and she was like my parents went out to dinner again without me. im hungry.... so i was like hey, u can eat dinner here and then i remembered my dad was sleeping so there was no food (hes the one who cooks) and my mom wasnt going to make anything..... so i was like maybe we can go get something to eat.... taco bell? lol (WE LOVE TACO BELL!) and i asked mom what she we went. and shannon said we could go to baskin robins too. we pulled up and looked in the window and saw him... (he said he was gonna be there with his friends... so i was like alright.. and so we get there and hes with 2 girls.... lmao. i was like omg..hes gay like guy shannon! so he kept looking through the window into the car at us.. i thought the car windows were tinted so i didnt think he could see us..but he could obviously... lmao, i was pointing at him and crap.... im such an idiot. and then he came out to the car while i was trying to eat my taco. he opened the door and was like sooo are u coming in or what? lol. so i went in there, shannon stayed in the car and ate her tacos and watched me through the window. lol. his friends kept staring at us....and the lady in there was really nice, she was funny too. i guess he goes there a lot.....and all the people know him or..something lol idk, whatever. but i guess he told her that he was meeting someone here cuz i got the same thing he got (cappucino shake or whatever its called....REALLY GOOD btw) and i got caramel on top instead of cinnamon and hes like what, i didnt get that and shes like hey man, u said someone was comming to meet u here so i figured id give her best pick. lol. idk.. its was kind of weird.. he was really nice though....very cute..... shannon said he was realy cute, i told her i'd hook them up lmao. so then i go back out to the car, gave him a hug and when i was going to get in guy comes from behind shannons car, sits in my seat and takes my tacos. lol. i was ilke wtf, whered u come from!?!? and hes like... we're eating at the restaraunt over there, and i was like nah ah.. lol how random is that. so then guy left and we went home. i got free ice cream though...thats all i care about. IT WAS REALLY GOOD TOO. lmao.

    then i came told me to get the mail, i went out there, my neighbor was showing his house to people and i waved at them (they were all outside) and i went to the mailbox, looked at the envelopes, saw the one from john carroll, threw all the other mail on the ground, ripped it open and found out that i got an 88 on the geometry test. 88 PEOPLE! 80 friggin 8! and my final grade was an 84 thank god. i screamed and jumped and ran to the house lol, my dad and all my neighbors and the people looking at the house thought i was insane. i was so happy though lol. i just hope i dont ruin the sale for the sindones. but i got As in everything else...all the exams were As except chemistry which was an 88 also but my final grade was an a. my mom was happy, so she took 50 bucks off my debt that ive owed her for about 3 yrs now lol.

    then giancarlo called me...and now i must go. ill ttyl! Love you all!!! bye!!!!

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