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Sylvia (leia_33) wrote,
@ 2003-03-01 11:59:00
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    Current mood:mellow
    Current music:the streets

    here we go
    it's finally march. god-damn central IL weather. it's such a piece of shit. let me be freezing and take a jacket to my first class then walk out of my next class and be all fucking hot and then let me take my jacket off and drop it off at home and it starts snowing. classes suck ass too. except for my film class. we get to watch some really good shit. we saw halloween and this guy next to me was all scared. it was sad. plus yejoon likes to be a little bitch and make shit up in class to get participation points (ie," i found this part really interesting, blah blah blah" when in actuality he slept through the movie then asked me what happened) but we get to see 'i like it like that' next week and i think we see 'do the right thing' later too. sweet. hmm, ok what else? yejoon's buying me some cake and coffee later today as a token of apology for being an ass. the only thing that tastes better than cake is free cake. anne is doing sound board training at the IMC this afternoon which leaves me all by myself to do reading but all i've done is read blender and listen to The Streets. damn that's good music. maybe it's only good cuz the guy is british? if he didn't have that accent the beat would still be good though. anyway, i'm craving mashed potatoes so i'm out.
    - Sylvia

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