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led (ledled) wrote,
@ 2012-08-01 14:32:00
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    Introduction of Air Bubble Film Machine

    Introduction of Air Bubble Film Machine

    Plastic Recycle Machine similar to the ceramic tableware Sheng "beans." Xiazuo on the plate, connected to the middle of the column, although the shape is relatively simple, but it laid the basic shape of the lamp in China. The development of thousands of years down the lights gradually from the initial single functional practicality of combining into a practical and decorative. The ancient tomb, beautiful lighting, and the works handed down the palace, elegant shape, decorated Shigetomi, reflected the prevailing mainstream aesthetic fashion. Many people there are some interesting lighting design. They are generally more simple workmanship, style is often surprising that the Department, the performance of the general public's aesthetic preferences, and function requirements.

    Plastic Film Blowing Machine are unique Shanghai Chi Yan Industrial Co., Ltd., the official carrier of bulk perfume bottles in 2003. Its inception, focused on the production and sale of perfume bottles, determined to build China's largest and most authoritative bulk perfume bottles. With a unique business model, a good momentum of development and excellent core team successfully attracted over ten million first round of venture capital.

    Air Bubble Film Machine is a way for the gas temperature with the outside world cut off from the container or containers of bacteria isolated from the outside.Now we can see in the market what many kinds of cosmetics, of course, there will be many with matching bottle. From the material point of view: there are glass bottles, plastic bottles, PET bottles. From the fabrication process: a plastic bottle, blow molding bottles and so on. From the product point of view: there is washing packing, packaging, Pulse Welding Machine etc. Cream.

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