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led (ledled) wrote,
@ 2012-07-25 13:34:00
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    Glass Processing Equipment description

    Glass Processing Equipment description

    PSA full name: Glass Washing Machine , in Chinese means: PSA.PSA Nitrogen Generator is a new gas separation technology, since the late 1960s early 1970s in foreign countries has been rapid development, the principle is the use of molecular sieves of different gas molecules 'adsorption' performance differences separate the gas mixture, which is based on air as raw material, using a high-performance, solid sorbent selected for the selective adsorption of nitrogen and oxygen in the air the performance of the separation of nitrogen and oxygen.

    Glass Grinding Machine with a malleable: a low deformation resistance of hot forging, plastic, forging temperature range, forging crack cold crack and a low propensity network carbide precipitation.With the annealing process of the Progressive Die: the ball of the annealing temperature range, low hardness and annealing small fluctuation range, the ball high.Machining of the mold with: large cutting tool, low loss, low surface roughness.Mold with oxidation, decarburization sensitivity: high-temperature oxidation resistance when heated pregnant can be good, decarburization slow, not sensitive to the heating medium, resulting in pitting tendency of small.

    Glass Processing Equipment computer-controlled printing pin in X, Y two-dimensional plane according to a certain trajectory, while the role of print in compressed air under the needle to do high impact exercise, and to print out on the workpiece with a certain depth of the mark. Pneumatic marking machine - marked characteristics: a greater depth, marking output directly through the computer. A variety of fonts, neat and clearly labeled. Pneumatic marking machine - marking material: any metal or nonmetal. Pneumatic marking machine - typical application: auto parts, nameplates, glass machine signs and so on.

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