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led (ledled) wrote,
@ 2012-06-07 14:36:00
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    Simple design of Sterilization machine

    Simple design of Sterilization machine

    CIP cleaning machine volume through the general purpose compressor, the pressure pulsation uniformity allowable value calculated <> = 1 196 p L 1 / 3% (6) where p L pipe flow, the average pressure, MPa that for small power (power 112 kW), low pressure (3 45 MPa) compressor system devices, operation of the pulse only take into account the uneven degree of stress-related, ignoring the effects of time and location. When the working pressure in the 5 9 p L 207 MPa, at 112 373 kW power, it requires pressure fluctuation calculated in accordance with the allowable value.

    If the Concentration Machine power is greater than 373 kW, regardless of how much pressure, require the use of a third design method allows the value of the pressure fluctuation. The third design requirements: In addition to the pressure pulse method according to the first two kinds of design calculations, and also required the system to run dynamic structural analysis, acoustic systems and mechanical systems of interaction between and effects; structural vibration caused by the pulse generated by the cyclic stress, the material fatigue limit should not exceed the permissible value.

    Sterilization machine vibration of the Compressed Air Dryer pipe vibration control standards If severe, the risk of its damage will be very large. The possibility of damage depends on the vibration amplitude and frequency, which depends on the size and alternating stress cycles. For example, as shown in the operation of the pipeline, there is a level up from the elbow bent at right angles. Make right-angle elbow tube diameter d, the pipeline flow area is S, then S = 1 4 d 2. Import and export of pressure are assumed elbow p 1, then the level of the right elbow would be a thrust p 1 S along the vertical direction and a downward force p 1 Sp 1 is the unit volume of gas pressure, this two power synthesis, Sheet Extrusion Line has been along the elbow points moldings together R 1.

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